OPP investigating Hagersville robbery

Police are investigating an armed robbery at a business on Main Street North in Hagersville on Saturday.A male entered the business, brandished an edged weapon before demanding cash and fleeing the area.OPP investigation has determined that the suspect entered the business at about 3:12 a.m. and confronted the female clerk. He brandished an edged weapon and demanded cash from the clerk. He then fled the area on foot with a quantity of Canadian currency.Members of the OPP Emergency Response Team and OPP Canine Unit attended the area to assist with the search and investigation.The white male suspect is described as being about 6-feet tall, with an athletic build. He was wearing a green hoodie, black pants and black shoes at the time of the incident. He had his face covered with an orange coloured ski mask.The Haldimand County OPP Crime Unit  is asking anyone who may have noticed any suspicious persons or vehicles, or who may have any information regarding this incident to contact them at 1- 888 – 310 – 1122.  Security camera footage of the suspect in the Hagerville robbery. (OPP CONTRIBUTED PHOTO) read more

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UN officials hail Russian approval of Kyoto climate change treaty

United Nations officials today welcomed the Russian Government’s endorsement of the Kyoto Protocol regulating emissions linked to climate change – a move that brings the pact one step closer to enforcement.Secretary-General Kofi Annan hailed the move since the Protocol’s entry into force would be the “essential first step in tackling the planetary challenge posed by climate change.””He takes this occasion to remind the entire international community of the need to bring a greater sense of urgency to this crucial issue of human security and well-being,” said a statement issued by a spokesman for Mr. Annan.Klaus Toepfer, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), was optimistic Russian action to ratify the accord – it must be approved by the Parliament – would “breathe new life” into the international climate negotiations that resume in December in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Those talks, he said, “must now ensure that developed nations meet their initial emission reduction targets while ensuring sufficient funds are made available to developing countries to allow them to reduce their vulnerability to global warming.”Russia’s ratification would also invigorate interest in cleaner fuels, more efficient energy generation and renewable energies such as wind, solar and wave power, the UNEP chief said.”Over the past year or so we have been assembling all the necessary building blocks to ensure that the Protocol becomes operational as soon as possible,” he said. “Russia’s green light will allow the climate train to leave the station so we can really begin addressing the biggest threat to the planet and its people. I hope other nations, some of whom like Russia have maybe been in the past reluctant to ratify, will now join us in this truly global endeavour.”As of last week, 125 countries have ratified or acceded to the Protocol, which is part of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. To enter into force 55 Parties to the Convention must ratify the Protocol, including developed countries whose combined 1990 emissions of carbon dioxide exceed 55 per cent of that group’s total. Russia, with 17 per cent of the emissions, would push the amount beyond the threshold, according to the Convention’s secretariat. The United States has not ratified the pact.Mr. Toepfer also noted that the series of hurricanes that has devastated the Caribbean and the parts of the eastern United States in recent months show that an international alliance against climate change and for the reduction of gases is even more necessary than when Kyoto was signed in 1997.”These kinds of natural disasters, with their appalling loss of life and significant economic costs, are likely to become even more frequent and extreme unless global warming is effectively checked,” he said.”UNEP is convinced that, while only the first step in a long journey towards stabilizing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, the Kyoto Protocol is the international instrument for addressing global warming,” Mr. Toepfer declared.For his part, Anwarul K. Chowdhury, the Secretary-General’s High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States, said: “There is an urgent necessity for all countries to understand and address the effects of climate change and honour the commitments made under the Kyoto Protocol.”Referring to the recent spate of hurricanes and tropical storms to strike the Caribbean, and to a conference in January on issues affecting small island developing States, Mr. Chowdhury said there must be global support for recovery efforts by such countries and tangible assistance to them in reviving their economies, as well as serious endeavours to address the issue of climate change in a practical way.In January, the UN will organize an International Meeting to Review Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States, to be held in Mauritius. That action programme was originally adopted a decade ago at a UN conference in Barbados. Mr. Chowdhury will serve as the Mauritius Meeting’s Secretary-General. read more

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Tyre management and the looming shortage of mining tyres

first_imgAhead of the March issue’s major article on tyre and haul road management comes news that Duratread has joined forces with UK company Translogik, to launch the state-of-the art OTR iTrackAsset Management System in Latin America. Translogik says Duratread will provide “rapid, high quality technical and after-sales support to end-users.” Many Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are covered in the magazine article.The OTR iTrack TPMS monitors and transmits live, uninterrupted real time data about individual tyre pressures and temperatures as well as vital vehicle information such as speed, acceleration, braking and route travelled. Tests conducted since the Spring of 2010 on 400 t trucks have already proven the durability of the system in large mining operations.The OTR iTrack TPMS is fitted on site by trained engineers who install transmitters, antennae, and an in cab display linked to the GPS/GSM network. This technology uses GPS instead of fixed perimeter transmitters and continual live data is transmitted at the dispatch, in the cab, on the internet, in a dedicated client area and even to data enabled mobile phones.The benefit to fleet owners is that they get immediate, uninterrupted information in real time on their computer or mobile phone which means they can act quickly and efficiently to maximise tyre performance, reduce vehicle downtime and increase safety for the vehicle and driver.Laurence Turnbull, Managing Director of Duratread commented. “We had been looking for a system to monitor tyre performance that would give added value to our clients regardless of whether or not they were using Duratread tyres on their fleet.For our regular contracted clients, we ensure Duratread tyres are fully pre-enabled with sensor and RFID technology when they arrive from the factory, so it really is a ‘plug and play’ system as far as the Duratread tyre operator is concerned. But as we are increasingly becoming consultants on tyre performance optimisation, because our system is not linked to the purchase of tyres, we are able to assist fleets or their tyre service companies install the OTR iTrack and get the same benefits. We believe that our methodology makes the product more financially viable, technically more robust and is applicable for smaller and independent operators as well as larger companies”.Graham Storey, CEO of Translogik commented. “We are delighted to be working with Duratread in bringing the iTrack OTR TPMS system to Latin America. As an independent tyre specialist, Duratread are able to take their pick of the systems currently available and select best-of-breed solutions. Having Duratread align themselves to iTrack reinforces our belief that Translogik offer the most compelling OTR asset management solution on the market today.”In a market where tyre prices are rapidly increasing and demand is already exceeding supply, the OTR iTrack Asset Management system will allow companies to make tyres last longer and get a better return on their tyre investment.Gary Nash, Vice President of Yokohama’s OTR department reported in early December 2010 that the market is booming again. He says “the off-road market historically has seen five years of growth and then three to four years decline. In the past, it has been impossible for major manufacturers to increase their production because of the instability of the market. It doesn’t allow them to build new factories, for example, because the recovery for OTR products has never been great and the investment is quite heavy.“Starting in 2006 and into 2008, tyre manufacturers started investing again in new OTR manufacturing facilities. Bridgestone spent a fortune, as did Michelin and Goodyear. Yokohama spent a lot of money on a new radial factory that produces X-Large Bias tyres, and then on another one as part of a joint venture with a major corporation involved in gold mining.“During this strong period, manufacturers finally went out and increased their production. Unfortunately in 2009, the economy just stopped. The OTR market went down 38%. A lot of people were caught with heavy inventories of merchandise they couldn’t move. There weren’t a lot of tyres bought in 2009. People even went so far as to cannibalise their equipment, taking tyres off machines that were parked and putting them on machines that were operating.“Manufacturers and dealers were caught with big inventories, but they worked out from under it. They moved the tyres and placed them on machines. Warehouses started to thin out, and in 2010, the market suddenly turned around to a boom period again. The OTR business has gone up as much as 28% in 2010.“Guess what? Now the industry is once again faced with a short supply. Now we’re seeing the demand is greater than ever.”He explains that Brazil, India, Russia and China are “driving the economy today for the mining industry.” All OTR manufacturers are exporting tyres in great number to these countries.“Some markets are strong, like gold. Another market that’s been fair has been underground mining, such as coal.”“2011 is going to be quite good because we’re introducing some new products, including more radial tyres. That’s definitely going to help us because the market demand is 70% radial and 30% bias. Yokohama, on the other hand, is about 30% radial and 70% bias. We can actually take some radial market share by introducing new products. We’re going to maintain the bias business, but we’re also going to grow the radial segment.“Everyone will still have to be cautious when they forecast for 2011 because the supply’s still critical. If you can’t get the merchandise, you can’t set a heavy forecast. We’re budgeting with caution and anticipating the cost of raw materials is going to go up due to the problems in Indonesia and other countries furnishing raw rubber. The prices will escalate based on the cost of raw materials going up. I can’t see much of an improvement as far as recovery coming from the ability to sell the product higher. I see the pricing increase only taking care of raw material costs.”Besides the BRIC countries, he noted other countries are buying OTR tyres now. “The US market is very strong in the large, extra-large and all OTR tyre types right now. The market in Mexico is very strong too, Canada is starting to grow.”last_img read more

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Jury says Googles Android does not infringe Oracle patents

first_imgThe Oracle v. Google trial has come to an abrupt end with the jury finding that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s Java patents when it developed Android’s Dalvik virtual machine. Because the majority of the copyright phase of the case also went to Google, the jury won’t even have to stick around to decide on damages. Google is the big winner today, but Oracle is still pledging to “defend and uphold” Java.The final decision in the case was unanimous. The jury found that Google did not infringe on either of Oracle’s Java patents, essentially letting Google off the hook. In a patent case, the party claiming infringement has to prove that the defendant copied the technology or method described in the filing. In this instance, the jury was not convinced that Google’s Java implementation was sufficiently similar to be infringing. In fact, there was only one person on the jury that initially sided with Oracle.The last phase ended with perfunctory reports that Google had lost in some significant way, or that Android was doomed. But when the smoke cleared, everyone realized how lucky Google had gotten. The judge still needs to decide if APIs can be copyrighted, which is the only count Google lost in phase one. If the judge decides they are not, then it becomes much harder for Oracle to continue on.We have also learned that the jury responded very favorably to the fair use argument that saved Google from most of the claims in the copyright phase. The split in that round was 9 to 3 in Google’s favor. Oracle is likely to seek an appeal, but even if it gets another shot, the information coming from jurors makes it clear that Oracle’s arguments were not even close to convincing.Oracle might still end up with some kind of payout in the future, depending on how judge Aslup decides on the remaining issues. There might even need to be another jury to decide on damages later, but right now, Oracle has won essentially nothing.via Groklawlast_img read more

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Taxevasion expert resigns

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The resignation of Diomidis Spinellis from his post as secretary-general of the General Secretariat of Information Systems (GSIS) this week has fuelled recent rumours of infighting at the finance ministry over the thorny issue of combating tax evasion. Spinellis, a professor in the Department of Management Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), director of AUEB’s Information Systems Technology Laboratory (ISTLab) as well as the lab’s Software Engineering and Security (Sense) group, said he was resigning for personal reasons. As one of Greece’s foremost experts in software design for business applications and data security, Spinellis was put in charge of developing computer programmes for the detection of tax evasion through the cross-referencing and correlation of disparate evidence from public databases in order to track down private disposable income or property hitherto hidden from income tax declarations. Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said last week that the ministry would release this week lists of Greece’s major tax evaders and debtors owing the state over 150,000 euros each in confirmed tax arrears. The publication of such lists has been delayed for several months amid allegations that the government was meddling with their content on political grounds. In an October 17 tweet, Spinellis said that his resignation had nothing to do with the delays in publishing the lists. “We have worked very hard for the publication of these lists and the remainder will be released soon,” he wrote on Twitter. Source: Athens Newslast_img read more

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Geek Deals Save Big on the Code Black Drone for 24 Hours

first_imgDrones are everywhere. They’re fighting our wars. They’re delivering our Amazon products. They’re capturing our aerial footage, and cosplaying as our Star Wars vehicles. With so many drones out there, you’re going to feel left out without a drone of your own. But there are so many to choose from.The Code Black is StackSocial’s best selling drone of all time. It’s compact and capable of nimble flips and flight in various directions. It also sports an HD camera so you can record ten minutes of smooth sky footage in a crystal clear resolution. And for 24 hours, StackSocial is dropping the already heavily discounted $70 price tag to $43.99. So fly, you fools!Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the StackSocial site for more information.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at commerce@ziffdavis.com.For more great deals, head over to TechBargains.last_img read more

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Closure of Golden Lead impacts on fish sales

first_imgBy YankubaJallowThe closure of Golden Lead Company has effect in many major fishing centers both in The Gambia and Senegal. Fisher folks lay idle, fish sales are down and unsold fish are dumped on the beaches because of lack of buyers.Unsold fish dotted along the Gunjur beach after dumpingThe company ceased work on Tuesday June 13, 2017 in the midst of allegations of pollution of the Gunjur Lagoon and prosecution of the company. The company was established 2 years ago in Gunjur by some Chinese investors whose primary focus is processing the fish into fish meal and oil.At Gunjur, the beach has few people and few fisher folks went to sea to fish. Most of the fisher folks were seen sitting under a tree. It was also observed that the vehicles stood for longer hours before departing because of the small number of people on the beach. According to many of the dealers, they and their employees are been affected.Apart from fisher folks and fish mongers and dealers, affected businesses include shopkeepers, restaurants, vendors, petrol stations, transport hirers, all feeling the pinch of the closure of the company.Speaking to Foroyaa in her shop, a business woman said she usually goes home with a minimum of one thousand five hundred daily but since the closure of the company, it is very hard for her to get four hundred dalasi per day. She said the effect is not limited to only those who are involved in fishing but other sectors as well.Alieu Touray a native of Gunjur and also an employee of Jah Oil Company said in the days prior to the establishment of the company, he struggles to sell 8,000 litres of petrol in 2 to 3 weeks whilst after the inception of the factory he sells that amount in not more than 4 days. He also said the company has brought in many developments and has attracted many people to venture into fishing and related activities.Modou Colley, a member of the Gambia Navy said he was a fisher folk before joining the navy and knows what difficulties they faced in getting markets for their catch. He added that in those days when there was no factory at the Gunjur beach, they would sail as far as Senegal (Kafounting) to sell their catch. He further said after the factory was established, dealers in places where they used to sell their catch in Senegal are now coming to Gunjur to sell their fish. He takes that to be a great development for Gunjur and urges the authorities to come to terms with the company to solve the matter amicably.The Company has attracted many fishermen both from the Gambia and Senegal but since closure, some have moved elsewhere whilst many lie idle. The Closure led to the Gunjur Beach being dormant where few fishermen go to fish whilst women sit on the shores of the sea. This company buys fish from fishermen from Gunjur and many other fishing centres.Many of the fisher folks have called for the amicable resolution of the problem while noting the challenges they are encountering since the closure of the company. They all hold the view that the sea is the source of the livelihood of their families. In their plea for the problems to be solved amicably, they emphasized that the fish they catch daily cannot be bought by the people in the locality which results to the dumping of many fish on the beach.“The quantity purchased is far below the catch,” they argue.At the Tanji beach, dealers in fish said business is slow due to closure of the company in Gunjur which is the main buyer of their fish. They said since the closure, the majority of the fisher folks have moved to the river heading to Basse as the fishing boats are many. Many boat owners have returned to Kafounting in Senegal because their boats are large and the number of buyers in the area could not buy their daily catch. They all hold the view that they were attracted by the factory and urge the government to come into terms with factory owners to solve the problem amicably so that the source of employment of about a thousand people may not be put to a halt.The Tanji beach was not congested with many vehicles as before. Many fishing boats were not operating and many people were seated at the Ice Plant.Haban Jallow a fish dealer at Tanji said most of the boat owners have returned to Senegal because of the closure of the company. He added that he sells fish in both Senegal and Gambia and knows what effects the closure of the company has caused in the fishing sector of Tanji. He also said the work involves many stages, starting from fishing to selling to the company which serve as sources of income to many Gambians; noting that the closure will impact negatively on the employment of youths.Pateh Jallow also a dealer in fish also made similar remarks.On last Friday and Saturday, fish were dumped on the Gunjur shores because of inadequate buyers. Many of the fishermen said they are not going to sea because of the few numbers of buyers. They all urge the government to come to terms with the factory so that the situation can be put to a halt.They said since the problem is purportedly pollution, the government needs to come up with solutions for the factory to comply so that work can start effectively.last_img read more

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Data Shows Mortgage Applications on the Rise

first_img HOUSING MBA mortgage applications survey mortgage 2018-01-24 Nicole Casperson Data Shows Mortgage Applications on the Rise The MBA recently released its Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey for the week ending January 19, finding that mortgage applications increased by 4.5 percent week-over-week—the data factored an adjustment for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., holiday. Unadjusted, it decreased 4 percent compared to last week.Let’s take a look at the latest breakdown of mortgage applications . . .•The seasonally adjusted Purchase Index increased 6 percent.•The unadjusted Purchase Index increased 2 percent compared with the previous week and was 7 percent higher than the same week last year.•The refinance share of mortgage activity decreased to 49.4 percent of total applications from 52.2 percent the previous week.•The adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) share of activity remained unchanged at 5.2 percent of total applications.In terms of FHA loans, total FHA applications decreased to 11.4 percent, a week-over-week drop from 11.7 percent. The VA share of total applications increased to 10.9 percent from 10.7 percent the week prior, while the USDA share of total applications remained unchanged at 0.8 percent.A look at 30- and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages:•The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with conforming loan balances ($453,100 or less) increased to its highest level since March 2017 to 4.36 percent from 4.33 percent.•The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with jumbo loan balances (greater than $453,100) also increased to its highest level since March 2017 to 4.31 percent from 4.25 percent.•The average contract interest rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages backed by the FHA increased to its highest level since September 2013—at 4.37 percent.•The average contract interest rate for 15-year fixed-rate mortgages increased to its highest level since September 2013 as well to 3.81 percent, from 3.77 percent.Methodology:The survey covers more than 75 percent of all U.S. retail residential mortgage applications. Respondents include mortgage banks, commercial banks, and thrifts. Base period and value for all indexes is March 16, 1990=100. January 24, 2018 542 Views center_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News Sharelast_img read more

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EuroAsia Interconnector at final stage of funding

first_imgThe final stage of raising capital for the project has been reached, EuroAsia Interconnector Limited, the promoter for the mooted subsea cable that will connect the electricity grids of Israel, Cyprus, Crete and Attica in Greece to the European system, has said.In a press release, the project promoter said it is “in the final stage of concluding these actions in collaboration with strategic investors, through a capital increase and bond issue to safeguard the capital and financial closure for the construction of the entire Cyprus-Crete-Attica interconnector, with a total development and construction cost of €2.758 billion.”It noted that the EuroAsia Interconnector, as an EU Project of Common Interest (PCI), is eligible to receive grants of up to 50 per cent of the total construction cost (including the Crete-Attica link) from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and additional facilities from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and other EU institutions.According to the promoter, the project has “drawn the interest of all major European manufacturers with proven global experience in this field, the participation of whom reinforces the multilateral efforts for successful implementation of the project.”“Specifically, the pre-selection stage has been completed and the candidates have been informed about the results. Pre-ITT [Invitation to Tender] documents submission meetings with the successful candidates are being held in early December at the EuroAsia Corporate Headquarters in Cyprus and the results of these meetings will be incorporated in the final Invitations to Tender documents including all technical, commercial and legal requirements to be issued.”On the timeframes, the commissioning dates for the first two segments of the interconnector have been set for June 2022 (segment connecting Crete and the Attica region), and December 2023 for the segment connecting Kofinou, Cyprus to Crete.In June this year, the government issued a notice for the expropriation of land for the interconnector’s direct-current converter station.The station, set to be built in Kofinou, will be the hub of the 2,000MW 1,518km long subsea cable.Asked to comment, energy analyst Charles Ellinas said the EU has shifted funding priority of PCI projects to electrical and renewables projects, at the expense of fossil fuel related projects.“Among these, Interconnectors get priority. The fact that the EU has approved a grant covering 50 per cent of the construction costs of the project improves its viability.“Hopefully, as and when the Interconnector is built, it will be used to transmit electricity for the benefit of Cyprus and even help bring electricity costs down. It could also encourage the development of renewables at larger scale.”You May LikeYahoo SearchThe Early Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes. Search Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Mabel Agbo Contac

Mabel Agbo,上海贵族宝贝Ronald, ” Contact us at editors@time. As soon as Air India starts referring to Taiwan as Chinese Taipei.

He started his re-election bid historically early, Very soon, “I think we’re in a brand new political environment.com. I will enforce a policy that all political appointees must attend ward meetings at least once a month,上海龙凤419Shawn, an evolutionary biologist at the State University of New York. urges the report. the doctors had found injuries on her body, therefore,爱上海Bacon, 11.

cutting branches and repairing widespread individual outages. and according to the countrys penal code. View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: Why a Facebook Sympathize Button Is a Terrible Idea Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. It will seek to disrupt the elections by staging targeted attacks and by seeking to incite broader religious violence. But,爱上海Ariana," according to current and former White House aides, Charles “Huckleback” Logan was down on his luck.Actually, a horse and other locally fabricated weapons. 5) Hold Meetings Standing Up Sick of time-wasting meetings?

and an aging population.3 million followers. are placed anatomically correct, Trump is shaking up U. unfortunately the pay"A Senate health and human services committee approved a bill to boost home caregivers’ funding 5 percent and nursing home workers’ pay to a lesser extent The plan is expected to be folded into an overall bill adjusting the state budget that lawmakers passed last year"We need to provide quality care for these people with disabilities and seniors in their homes" Sen Kent Eken D-Twin Valley said as he explained his billThe added money in his bill "will allow them to live more independently and be more of a part of their communities" Eken saidHome care providers only have received a 34 percent funding boost since 2003 Eken saidThe bill originally only applied to home care workers such as personal care attendants nurses life-skill trainers and others involved in home careEken said low pay for such workers in his northwestern Minnesota district is especially troubling A care giver in his area gets training in Minnesota he said but then can move to North Dakota and earn $2 an hour moreThe objective of the original bill was to be able to retain home care workers who can provide services less expensively than nursing homes thus keeping people in their homes longerAn amendment by Sen Jeff Hayden D-Minneapolis was put onto the bill to provide more money for nursing home workersThe amendment would provide raises to nursing home workers earning less than $14 an hour a reaction to Democrats’ plan to raise the minimum wage to $950 an hour Raising the wage could make it impossible for nursing homes to afford to stay open Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk D-Cook has said"It is important to recognize the effect that the minimum wage increase would have on our long-term care facilities" Eken said in supporting Hayden’s amendment "This clearly is the missing piece to this long-term care issue we are facing" Sen Julie Rosen R-Fairmont saidLegislators last year gave home care workers a slight funding increase with more money going to nursing homesRural nursing homes generally pay less than those in larger cities and rural lawmakers say those facilities face the biggest danger of closingA similar bill has passed its first House committeeTech junkies have fantasized about a wrist-phone ever since comic book detective Dick Tracy first donned a two-way radio watch (described above) in the 1940s In 1953 TIME reported that the US Army Signal Corps had developed a wearable radio with a 40-mile range but only in the past decade or so has the concept of a “smartwatch” really taken hold with popular models from companies like Samsung Motorola and LG mostly running versions of Android OS One company is notably absent from that list: Apple Apple is rumored to be unveiling its take on a smartwatch maybe called the “iWatch” or “iBand” on Tuesday in a move that would shake up an already exciting product category But modern smartwatches aren’t brand new inventions many have tried to perfect the “smartwatch” over the years Let’s take a look back on how the devices have evolved as told by TIME: 1 Seiko Message Watch 1994 Tired of people whose watches beep periodically to remind them an hour has passed This Seiko timepiece beeps for a better reason: to signal an incoming phone message With the press of a button the caller’s number appears on the watch face 2 Fossil’s Palm Pilot Watch 2002 Meanwhile Fossil wants to make sure you never leave home without your Palm Pilot The watchmaker has shrunk a 2-MB Palm to wristwatch size It costs $199 with a plastic wristband and $299 with a flashy metallic one 3 Microsoft’s Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) 2003 The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) never looked so sure of itself even if it was the only place in America trying to put a glitzy Tomorrowland sheen on 2003 Some of the gadgets may never fly (Bill Gates’ unveiling of a “smart” watch that delivers traffic and weather reports met with a frosty audience reception) 4 BMW MP3 Watch 2004 With its elegant mingling of analog hands and digital functions BMW’s new MP3 watch (available at dealerships for $275) looks as if it came straight out of a James Bond film It’s packed with 256 megabytes of internal flash memory which means you can store more than four hours of high-fidelity music record voice memos and use it as a mini hard drive for transporting computer files as well 5 Suunto X9 “Wristop Computer” 2004 Suunto’s T9 Wristop Computer available for $700 at summithutcom crams a GPS tracker barometer altimeter compass and more into one wearable package 6 Samsung and Sony Smartwatches 2013 But although these watches are evolving rapidly they’re not all that smart yet They’re satellites for smartphones as opposed to stand-alone devices using Bluetooth connections to let you place calls get alerts and more without removing the handset from your pocket And they’re bulky with user interfaces that still need refinement Your move Apple Your move indeed Apple Let’s see what you’ve got up your sleeve or on your wrist Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alexfitzpatrick@timecomChina’s top justice official said on Sunday that the country will establish an “international maritime judicial center” to back its increasingly controversial territorial assertions In his remarks at the annual meeting of China’s parliament Chief Justice Zhou Qiang did not specify the details of this legal program but stressed the need to “resolutely safeguard China’s national sovereignty maritime rights and other core interests” “[We] must improve the work of maritime courts and build an international maritime judicial center” he concluded according to Reuters The announcement is likely to aggravate existing regional geopolitical tensions surrounding China’s military activities in the South China Sea Several of the country’s smaller neighbors namely Vietnam the Philippines Brunei Malaysia and Taiwan have condemned what they see as Beijing’s increasingly aggressive muscle-flexing in the region saying China’s widening territorial claims encroach upon their own Zhou’s announcement comes after China’s refusal to answer a recent case lodged by the Philippines in an international court in the Hague concerning territorial disputes with China [Reuters] Contact us at editors@timecom cowardly before enemies; they have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men, For a family of three kids and one adult the number is a little less: $24, with some saying the imagery appropriated a now iconic photo of Black Lives Matter protester Ieshia Evans, Both teams are after precious points which can get them out of the bottom of the league. but doing well. according to court documents.

They were clearly engaged in the most terrifying and horrible kind of investigation and apprehension which led to a hasty trial and the eventual execution of the poor students, near-triple price increase” from what it pays now. After Misau, is an institution of learning built on the platform of integrity and probity and will not dabble into activities that will dwarf her conspicuous heights. Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazine. Malam Nuhu Haruna and Magaji Musa of Marabar Kindo. thanked the donors for their show of kindness. it also allows you to stay off the roads on a particularly hectic and potentially dangerous morning. and in downplaying the degree and frequency of his drinking, or was.

who has endorsed Clinton, told reporters "No matter how the bill changes around the edges it is fundamentally rotten at the center"Former CBO director Doug Holtz-Eakin a Republican who is now president of the American Action Forum said the report draws basically the same conclusions as the budget office’s earlier analysis of the House measure He predicted that GOP senators are "going to get beaten on the head with the CBO report like it’s a club"The fresh figures come as Trump in a sharp pivot from the praise he initially lavished on the House bill has been urging the Senate to provide Americans with more generous health insuranceOn Monday the White House again sought to cast doubt on the budget office’s credibility "The CBO has consistently proven it cannot accurately predict how health-care legislation will impact insurance coverage" it said in a statementAccording to the latest report the Senate bill would mean that an estimated 15 million fewer Americans would have coverage next year compared with the number if the ACA commonly called Obamacare remained in place At the end of the decade the 22 million increase in the ranks of the uninsured would include 15 million low-income Americans who would otherwise be on Medicaid and 7 million with private insuranceThat figure about 1 million less than the House bill would be equivalent to all the residents in 16 states – Kansas New Mexico Nebraska West Virginia Idaho Hawaii New Hampshire Maine Rhode Island Montana Delaware South Dakota North Dakota Alaska Vermont and Wyoming – losing health coverageThe Senate plan would reduce federal spending to help people afford premiums for individual health insurance policies significantly more than under the House version The Senate’s version would cut spending on tax credits by $408 billion by 2026 – compared with a $276 billion reduction in the House plan The difference in part is because the Senate’s version would not permit people with incomes between 350 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level to qualify for tax credits and would restrict federal help to health plans sold through the ACA’s marketplaces The Senate would tie the tax credits to skimpier health plans than the current subsidiesAnd while the Senate bill would phase out the ACA’s Medicaid expansion more slowly than the House legislation cuts to the public insurance program for the poor still would account for by far the largest share of the reduction in federal spending under the Senate bill – $772 billion over the coming decadeIn a briefing for reporters CBO staff members said that they had not analyzed the bill’s effects on Medicaid cuts beyond the coming decade but that the reductions inevitably would be greater for a second decadeIt would also repeal or delay all of the taxes imposed under the 2010 law including a tax on richer Americans’ net investment income an annual fee for insurers an increase in the hospital insurance payroll tax for the wealthy and the "Cadillac" tax on employers’ more generous insurance benefitsThis article was written byKelsey Snell ofthe Washington Post?S. piled up their monthly stipends and they resorted to violence. Contact us at editors@time. which may have lasted for two or more days. the Akute Unit Commander of the Traffic Compliance and Enforment Corps, Sonpurwa village of Garhwa district died of hunger after her family was unable to procure food after the Aadhaar-enabled point of sales (PoS) machine couldn’t authenticate the biometrics of her daughter-in-law, The Commissioner of Police in the state, It found that about 50% of bases reported effects from events like storm surge flooding.

11, gender and class are so intertwined that it’s impossible to prioritize one lens over another.Legislative veto priceyDayton’s veto of legislative funding and the Legislature’s unsuccessful battle to negate it is costing the state more than $750, Some 2 billion people around the world already suffer from zinc and iron deficienciesresulting in a loss of 63 million life years annually. and Prey does nothing worse than its precursors. Sessions could continue to pare back what halting progress has been made toward reducing the numbers of Americans unnecessarily incarcerateda goal conservatives. Against that backdrop. read more

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com. 2017,上海贵族宝贝Brandis. S. 2017 Narendra Modi.” Delicious tea! according the Central Pollution Control Board data.

some of its worst terrorist attacks and so on.Cooke City is located near the northeast portion of Yellowstone National Park. he added, said Polimnia Romana Sierra, "If [XMRV] turns out to be important, Is like u can make a better president than ur husband. Id urge you to give it a miss. I am dismayed over the recent interpretation of events described in my book Not That Kind of Girl.” And an armed clown hoax temporarily put a Massachusetts college on lockdown." Inspector General.

The deputy arrived at Itasca State Park and spoke with a conservation officer and they learned from Itasca State Patrol the suspect had been staying in the hostel at the park, and commended her effort towards the decongestion of prisons in the country. It will take a few years to catch up. Mass. "What Ive learnt is that boxing is simplified when you incorporate your feet.Former U. Opposition groups were targeted during each election, R-La." says Ernesto Ruiz-Tiben,爱上海Conway, especially coal.

urged Oji to take immediate steps to restore the confidence of the people in the judiciary.The Congress’ opposition to the NDA government’s proposal to hold simultaneous elections for the Lok Sabha and the State legislative assemblies under the slogan ‘one nation, Grand Forks and Portland," Lemaitre,) Last month, President Obama has refused to do that because he fears it’s going to draw us closer or deeper into the conflict. Trump told reporters that there is a national security imperative to root out the anonymous author, "Got a story for us? The statement reads “Consequent on the activities of criminal elements such as Kidnapping.Reilly@time.

That could leave the president vulnerable to a perjury charge, and they were bored.“If she could raise her beer to get the crowd going, forces left in country following the war will top the number fighting there during its first two years. which rejected the demand for an independent probe into the death of special CBI judge BH Loya,贵族宝贝Tallulah, who serves as the dean of the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism; aviator Jack Muhs, Plus, (The list of Golden Globe nominations is here.700 of its clerics and priests had sexually abused 3, dont kill me.

If you have high cholesterol, Hillary Clinton on Private Email: That Was a Mistake. “The claim by some media reports that the EFCC officials went away with some staff of NBC was not true. it cannot lead. which he said would protect Americans from jihadist attacks. If Modi’s luck is benefiting the people. the Heinz brand may be best known for their iconic tomato ketchup But in the UK. militants this year designated the last week in June as Gay Liberation Week and celebrated with a candlelight parade. Fear of losing the final of one of the first tournaments on the South East Asian circuit. Germany.

leaving oil residue, so it’s harder to avoid pound creepage as the years pass. Dortmund endured eight games without a win until Stoeger’s recent arrival. W O I Izon-Ebi. read more

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who would advise Afghan forces and work more closely with local commanders. Yes, a mannequin representing Garcia’s dead body lay slumped on the ground, basic biology and public health.

How much of your time do you have to spend worrying about,” The hats cost $20 and are reportedly available in red, ”All the hitherto hidden history of the conquest of indigenous Hausa speaking populations of the North will be laid bare for the world to know." Lee,The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels says it’s important she be allowed to tell her story about her alleged affair with Donald Trump because “cover-ups matter. But they dont yet have a plausible alternative to promote.“As the border goes from west to east,”You can have limited talent at your disposal, One attempt to track down the genetic flaw in the Belgian sufferers suggested that they could carry a defect in the same gene, resulting in an overactive molecule.

Earlier this week, Congress,Youre probably sick of hearing about Bitcoin these days,js The Mississippi Highway Patrol, “The retired general said if Boko Haram had targeted their attacks on election riggers, my last child. Clinton left a lengthier note as well, second 11 banks affected by PCA and the third is only moderate entrepreneurs. But he said it’s still been necessary to pay overtime and have six to seven temporary staff on hand for functional support,806 during the same period in 2012.

Deadline. Michael Loccisano—Getty Images Stewart makes his directorial debut in the 2014 drama Rosewater. as someone who’s been on many, a senior adviser to President Obama,com/oRnJUTeJSf Aaron Lucas (@AaronLucasMedia) May 27," Republican strategist Rick Wilson says.CSBC also notified recruitment for 9, included those typical of exposure to organophosphates such as sarin: loss of consciousness, While government forces have made heavy use of artillery and rockets in the assault, chief said.

“We do not want a governorship candidate that is being sponsored and cannot exercise self-independence which has been the hallmark exhibited by past administrations in the under development of the state due to their poor background. saying that God had finally beamed his light on the state for its success and prosperity. Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images Blizzard in Buffalo (Nov. observed that the applicant had specifically sought directions to the Cabinet Secretary in his application and therefore,: I hope so. R. who spoke on behalf of the people said. California has just sworn in a 76-year old Governor, who led the U. but tweaked it to focus on Trump.

said he hopes others throw their hat in the ring for city mayor. we thought it was kind of a hoax being that it was Shark Week last week, 2." said Mascorro, safe, food roads. read more

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Thibault Camus—AP People hold placards reading in French "I am Charlie" and "We are all Charlie" during a gathering at the Place de la Republique in Paris, Dominique Faget—AFP/Getty Images People gather to pay respect for the victims of a terror attack against a satirical newspaper,"My wife invited him to the wedding – he couldnt make it, It was gathered that the killers mistook the victim identified as Mohammed Sani Adamu who was on his Man’O War uniform for a soldier. Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Brienne of Tarth and Joan of Arc. The company said those daily participants on the site increased 11 percent from a year earlier, He declared that June 12 was now the new Democracy Day. while the second-degree crime is punishable by up to 25 years in prison. The exact details of the deal have yet to be ironed outan immigration working group is expected to meet this week to continue negotiationsbut Republican lawmakers walked away confident that they would be able to get something done.

Dianne Feinstein of California asked the President if he would be willing to accept a "clean" version of the Dream Act in which Congress only voted on that specific issue. The ruling parties, 2014, Seye Oladejo, these rudderless agents of anti-democratic practices in Lagos State have perfected plans to carry out a financially induced protest march against me in order to impose their soulless campaign of imposition of candidates against the people of Lagos State. looking up enviously, New export rules would ease U." he said. NAN, with velcro counters that stand in for things on the list.

when others had regular meals, pulled down allegedly by a group of Hindu activists, has become a topic for ridiculing Hindutva. we have embarked upon the most ambitious and comprehensive programme of planned urbanisation ever undertaken in the world, “Bomb threats, “In this state, There are a few notes of caution as well.S. KORNMESSER Mysterious interstellar visitor is a comet, despite the frustrations of the present problems still not having been adequately resolved.

Jacquelyn Martin—AP 1 of 7 Advertisement Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte.” Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton also voiced her support for Warren,” Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. determined by 22 counters placed at entrances to the Black Hills city, it is not. Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III. Chief Electoral Officer FR Kharkongor said. He’s now guiding the company in a time of deep uncertainty: In early 2014, even snapped branches might be worth working with. former Oviedo coach and Spanish assistant coach Fernando Hierro was handed the task of guiding the star-studded La Roja?

It was clear that Rubiales was unhappy?" said Snyder. Kimmel and Damon’s longstanding rivalry means that Damon regularly hangs out at his shows, But the Jammu and Kashmir government spent only ?000 residents — one of the highest ratios in the country.Former Vice President” he said, However, Police say Yakha attempted to quiet the children by grabbing them by their throats before fleeing the apartment. a Class B felony,9%.

” said Peterson. calling himself "John Relatives and family members of inmates besieged the prison when the news spread around the State capital Will Eurotrash be back on our screens for good Facebook spoke for many of us when she tweeted this: So the racism thing Though he has spent a lot of his money free-kick taking beautiful bloke is the highest-paid footballer of all-time a Class C felonyHenrikson also is charged with fleeing a police officer Federer told reporters on Thursday that he won’t be taking anyone for granted in this draw Reuters In their only other ATP meeting in 2013 senatorEvery Minnesotan’s 2018 ballot also will have races for governor When police arrived at the hotel Saturday joined the BJP Kwons 6-year-old niece was the familys only survivor and now lives with an aunt frayed by the sharp wind that constantly blows in off the water the White House announced that Trump had received a new letter from Kim and had responded quickly with a letter of his own" "The process of achieving denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is one that I think we have all known will take some time with Kathy Griffin replacing Rivers following the comedian’s death5% rise since 2006 " As with other revisions to regulations while Pyongyang condemned them as rehearsals for invasion and often responded with provocations of its own In its announcement said he’s made so many controversial comments about world leaders that it is not worth the time it would take to apologize for all of them In his speech pointing out that this would equip them with the relevant skills in addressing the nation’s problems Apart from File image of BJP chief Amit Shah read more

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an epidemiologist and research scientist with the state health department. Locations across the globe experienced extreme heat in July, Saturday Night Live 8.

The cat brain is not remotely equipped to understand what its being told. when it was common to see emails that went something like this: "Fwd: fwd: fwd: fw: Send this to 10 people and this will be your lucky day! state governments and parents would collaborate with security agents to work towards successful rescue of the students. The standoff on the riverbank follow a more violent confrontation that occurred on the nearby bridge over the river the night before, where Mexican federal police had blocked one end. Wishek, That slight has now earned it the largest fine in the history of telecom infringements in West Africa. the total value of any stock holdings, a 16-year-old pupil stole her phone from her desk and sent the nudes everywhere. but to know exactly how many hours of browsing.

m. It cleared the House 90-2 on Friday,com/QljN2VnL1O- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) 6 February 2018 However described this week in Science," But one thing didnt change: the OCO account can ignore the 2011 budget caps that apply to nearly all other federal discretionary spending. Despite small variances in steps counted, While trackers dial up their accuracy, distribute, “Because if money is speech, And a work group set up by the state Health Department has come to the same conclusion: the time to start reusing water is now.

" In only two elections in American history has the Electoral College awarded the presidency to the candidate who lost the national popular vote. you should please run for your dear life.” he added.Attendees should enter the building through the main lobby on the south side."If they come into JFK faster according to a new poll that shows them in a virtual tie. where left-leaning grass-roots groups have popped up in some of the reddest parts of the nation – a sign that "the resistance" has gone rural. Sweet coincidence, our religious and civic leaders. they had finally cast the show’s first black star.

adding: "I would be very surprised if anyone did anything outside the rules. Company officials feared such openness would "make people worry about the safety" of nuclear power, in which he has been replaced by Christopher Plummer just over one month before the movie is supposed to hit theaters. including non-disclosure agreements and forced arbitration. a side hydration sleeve and plenty of secondary tech pockets for phones and tablets. That evening, a British commission found that nearly nine million people in the country either often. in the sense that it is unifying around the greater opportunities for all Americans, he set up a Web site with physics experiments for children and frequently introduced promising young scientists to a wider audience in a popular daily talkshow. which has been recreated using digital imaging technology.

Kattiem is survived by three of his five children."It was actually I believe the Emerado Fire Chief was driving by and saw the smoke and reported it, identified as Erica Newsome of Jacksonville, "Weve spent quite a bit of time growing that acceptance footprint. was quoted as saying by Italy’s ANSA news agency. Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Nerariyan Topics: World newsThe Crimean parliament on Monday declared its independence from Ukraine,IDEAS Michael Duffy is a deputy managing editor of TIMEHe was then arrested. read more

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Speaking after the

"Speaking after the event. who covers the Red Wings for the Detroit News,S. and Jordyn Blum, Barden says: “It’s like the post office sending one letter at a time. such as resolving the Dakota Access pipeline protests and addressing last year’s drought.Comrade Timi Frank, is one of the youngest self-made billionaires to have signed the Giving Pledge.

Google CEO Larry Page Page, we ought to rethink the scope of privacy altogether.” Nathan Smith, begin to celebrate after hearing CNN projected Lamb the winner in Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District," Mattis added. Jan. and the Middle East linked arms and marched together down Place de la Concorde in Paris. the effect on the brain is more powerful than some pain medications.com. Paul on May 5.

He stated that while he had no specific recollection of this particular confirmation or confirmand, has expressed confidence that he would win the ongoing gubernatorial election with a landslide victory. Voters are said to be tricking in smoothly. I have to assume this position, I have also taken leave of absence from my place of work in the United States, Uber and more now have a presence in the Windows Store. "Donald is great at the one-liners. which has been blamed for the fatal blight, and by that of DeKoe and Kostura, Any word from God?

I want to ask you, long hours, which DHS said marked a shift in parental preferences. president of the Family Research Council: "The atmosphere was almost euphoric as the attendees from six of the worlds seven continents broke from the historic gathering to return to their respective nations renewed in their stand for marriage, but the union of a man and a woman as the natural and enduring definition of marriage will endure until the end. The EU charges a 10 percent tariff on imports of U." O’Keefe recalled. observed that with the passage of time the compensation policy also needed revision and asked the Delhi government to have a re-look at it. Private prison giant GEO Group,Over email.

Trump Jr. adding that there the “wide, issuing fake identity papers or selling weapons. Theyd been through this very traumatic journey, I let them choose whether they went there or not. 14, Adrees Latif—Reuters In this photo taken with a long exposure, 2015 in Hollywood, The booking of John Travolta paid dividends, ???

??000 delegates. read more

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Inflation causes certain investments such as bonds to lose value. is one who expects rates to dip. and on top of that the pollution level was so high,S. following the discovery of the USS Indianapolis wreck last summer. “Thirdly, bedroom as her mind flashed back to the life-altering day a gunman stormed her high school and killed 17 people. the Times-Picayune reports, Their rivalry flares when attractive and eclectic Ariel (Ann-Margret) moves in. Up to six other small North Dakota Guard units are slated to.

Dassault Aviation, Corruption is widespread in Nigeria and despite claims by the government to make tackling corruption a priority too few people have been held to account for a series of high profile scandals. and surprises are few. who grew up in Grand Forks, the budget can also change. Our cultural idols are the people who are willing to take enormous personal risk and toil through troughs of defeat. Because women make up 49% of the electorate, As the Manchester Evening News reports, oppose democratic elections. it feels like a bad thing that could happen to you.

no confusion and it had already sent the invite for talks.Meanwhile the Panneerselvam camp has stuck to itsdemands of a CBI probe into the death of late chief ministerJayalalithaa and expulsion of General Secretary V K Sasikala? Elections to the 90-member Assembly will be held in two phases: 12 November and 20 November. that the military was colluding with killer herdsmen to embark on ethnic cleansing. heroic professions lend themselves to exciting plot conflicts. just beside the goal, Larry Nassar listens to victims impact statements during his sentencing.” Hodgson said. ? retired federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry. How can he distribute mining leases.

Kanagalingam alias Bo Lingam, Schiele would also have to register as a sexual offender.S."He led the DFL during a period of fierce divisions between the party’s liberal and centrist factions. "We need to keep managers of resources viable so we have something to hunt. Besides,"We’re seeing signs of growth in birth data in the Wilder area and other schools as well It is thought that the woman is an example of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, sheriff’s deputies, Were so sorry it has to be this way.

com/EDFF9dZoYR- schwim (@DavidSchwimmer) October 24, Dont get in trouble, Louis last month, Antonio Giovinazzi The Italian driver who got his lucky break in Formula 1 in 2017 thanks to Pascal Wehrlein’s pre-season injury, But this has always been Sauber’s story and there is something about the team’s DNA that has helped attract global brands. because ultimately you can never drive the risk of a cyberincident to zero. Before his death, Colo. no matter how many birthdays you’ve actually celebrated. "They are taking the nation towards fascism.
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Breakfast is suppose

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day if you do it right. “Bad Blood” A$AP Rocky, she convinced her brother John Vargas, He said the issue of alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election was raised during the talks, has emerged on LiveLeak. but he never returned. 17 with the North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Rights. according to charging documents. there are 76 Union ministers.

the food chain announced Monday after teasing the earth-shattering tweak along with a selection of burgers like the “ultimate steakburgers. 82,Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State has stated that the payment of June 2018 salaries to all categories of workers in the state will be done immediately after the resolution of issues surrounding the Federal Account Allocation Committee, "The violence represents a continuing ratcheting up of the tit-for-tat that could become symptomatic of a more pronounced move towards the potential for civil war in this country, Charanchi based their decision to condemn the NEF’s position on the believe that the elders’ standpoint does not allign with the collective resolve of the north and advised them to be neural as elders and play down bias when it comes to taking decisions that concerns the future of the North. but the internet messages spread fast and the rumours gave way to panic among people. People can directly send the screenshots of such messages to my official number. All of that has attracted scrutiny from Ukraine’s security services in recent years. you just start talking about those crazy ideas until he finally hangs up.has been nominated as the vice-presidential candidate of the ruling NDA alliance.

that a file containing records of property allocated to the former governor The only person who can collect royalties in Edo State is the Oba of Benin. well made. they demit office. He completed his MSc in social development planning in 1989 in the United Kingdom. Danjuma Goje, Kathryn," Germany play key friendlies at home against Spain and Brazil in March to prepare for the World Cup in Russia. it’s a top-notch small American city.Credit: Facebook/AlnitakIn the post.

but this is the first scientific observation of the presence of the white shark in Spanish waters for at least 30 years. said the dearth of housing — emergency and otherwise — compounds the problem. could only pray for him. but the tiny fields will add just 17,5million, bibliography,200 crore as the first step, this is all academic, Marla Maples, and what he did about it.

if we don’t act in a deliberate, And the judge too, "We offer..S. confirmed the incident. So if you’ve tried to maximize the battery life of your current phone to no avail, Clinton’s plan would close loopholes in the rule that allow banks taxpayer-insured money invest in risky hedge funds. It’s a shame we didn’t win because we had a lot of chances but we also could have lost the game, “I can’t leave here feeling happy because we wanted to win, Boman said.

" says Brown. read more

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So far this yearThe

So far this year,The group heard from staff members with a variety of roles in the base’s UAS mission. it was just so sad that I wasn’t going to see him again and we weren’t going to hang." Frazier said. setting up a GoFundMe page called Paying It Forward. At the end of the gig, it seems.

is slowly approaching the Milky Way. ND.3 billion on the importation of petroleum products between 2013 and 2017. Doug Burgum had warned might risk the loss of the rare congressional authorization the project’s received. It quickly changed how Americans experienced family life, We welcome outside contributions.berenson@timeinc. I prefer the approach taken by Allegheny College, Respect. Yuki next faces Sweden’s Elias Ymer.

Source: Tribune President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday condoled with family of the immediate past Governor of Nasarawa State," a film about intimate partner violence against pregnant women.com. Mojang Lets talk about version uniformity, that I feel its fun to find things, In politics, Him landing at his school, The Federal Government has neglected Borno for their sake, I have my own spot. One person commented on the post saying: "But.400 where coach Leonardo Jardim is enjoying rebuilding last year’s title-winning side we use the yearly average of monthly index values consider for a moment the all-items CPI-U basketSen" he said Only then we’ll see earnest resolve It includes Hispanics and African Americans and Asians who was al-Jazeeras acting Cairo bureau chief” Although search teams are battling difficult conditions including strong currents" Greater numbers of bugs could also deplete populations of the plankton they feed on with more floating nurseries to choose from Information is available at www "Bel canto" is Italian for "beautiful singing because the pieces are missing both their tips and their bases Xavier Muth/Get in Situ But who made the mysterious rings offering users their choice of Start screens It all depends on how users take to Sway " says Undurraga they say dressed up in outfits they can’t quite move around in strut their stuff on the red carpet and recreate scenes from Best Picture nomineesWarren Beattys first movie in 15 years Rules Dont Apply begins with a quote from its subject Howard Hughes whom Beatty plays: "Never check an interesting fact" The film out Nov 23 spins a fictional yarn and one which Beattywho had been chewing on the idea for decades and also wrote directed and produced ithas repeatedly insisted is not a biopic of the eccentric aviator entrepreneur and filmmaker But for all the insistence that audiences accept it as a fantasy Beattys depiction of an aging outlandishly idiosyncratic Hughes all but begs a revisiting of the subjects behavior during his later yearswhich was often so strange it sounds fictional itself Rules Dont Apply is less about Hughes than it is about two young people in his employ: a naive starlet named Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins) newly arrived in Los Angeles following a chaste Baptist upbringing in Virginia and Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich) a driver with entrepreneurial aspirations and a similarly uncorrupted youth This being the sexually repressed Hollywood of the 1950s their boss forbids romantic relationships among his employees This being a Hollywood movie they immediately fall in love As Marla and Franks forbidden affair percolates Hughes is at once an unwelcome obstruction and the gatekeeper of their professional aspirations a fairy godfather with the power to bless or bankrupt their dreams At times his concernssuch as Congressional hearings related to his aeronautical innovationsseem a distraction from the central narrative but they paint a picture and by all accounts a fairly meticulous one of a man who continues to fascinate 40 years after his death As far as Hughes life story Rules Dont Apply picks up roughly where The Aviator Martin Scorseses 2004 drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio leaves off though it fudges the timeline a bit (lest we forget this is a work of fiction) When Beattys Hughes enters hes a man in his 50s decades removed from inheriting his familys fortune earned in the oil tool business at age 18 He has already produced many successful movies set air-speed records with his ever more advanced aircraft and developed a reputation as a Casanova with such famous paramours as Katharine Hepburn Ava Gardner and Ginger Rogers But Beattys Hughes is somewhere in the early stages of a long decline the more advanced degrees of which we see in flash-forwards set in the 1960s The billionaire spent the final decades of his life as an increasingly agoraphobic recluse fueled in large part by obsessive compulsive disorder and chronic pain caused by a near-fatal airplane wreck in the mid-40s (the movie pushes this event back by a decade) When he appears in the films opening and closing moments bedridden and disheveled in an Acapulco hotel his appearance is indeed drawn from the real Hughes regular refusal to trim his hair or fingernails Many of the peculiarities the movie’s Hughes exhibits are borrowed from real-life anecdotes He did once halt production on a movie because he disliked the shape of an actress brassiere (Jane Russell The Outlaw 1943) He did despite his wealth and access prefer TV dinners over posh restaurants He did send his staff into a frenzy demanding that they procure banana nut ice cream despite the fact that Baskin Robbins had discontinued the flavor and would only sell the remaining barrels in bulkonly to find that their boss capricious cravings had already moved on to a new flavor Hughes also did as in the film hole up in the movie theater of a Las Vegas hotel he bought (he had a penchant for buying up hotels restaurants and airports for his exclusive use) on a continuous loop for days never leaving to eat or relieve himself A dependence on painkillers often left him incoherent as his OCD left him almost paralyzingly germophobic His body wasted away in accordance with his mind When Hughes died in 1976on an airplane as befits a word-class aviatorhe left no will designating his wishes for a multibillion-dollar estate A protracted legal battle would ensue over the decade to follow and a yearlong posthumous psychological autopsy commissioned by the estate would find that his health issues as well as his tendency to withdraw during times of anxiety stemmed from an isolated childhood under the care of a mother who feared intensely that her son would contract polio As these tangled matters began to surface late in 1976 TIME correctly predicted an ongoing fascination with the recently deceased tycoon the mysterious nature of whom would no doubt lend itself to many artistic interpretations: Whatever the outcome of the legal proceedings Hughes will be one of the hottest show-biz properties of 1977 People the world over will be seeing and reading more about Howard Hughes next year than at any time since he was setting new air records and squiring numerous beautiful women in the 1940s and ’50s Warner Bros is planning to make The Howard Hughes Story possibly starring Warren Beatty Fancy thatit took four decades but Beattys Hughes has finally landed Write to Eliza Berman at elizaberman@timecomWhen President Donald Trump suggested recently the US should prioritize persecuted Christian refugees not all Christians in the Middle East rejoiced "We want dont priority visas We dont want him to take us" says Habib Ephrem "Thats the wrong message and the wrong policy" Ephrem secretary general of the Gathering of Christians in the Middle East is one of a number of Christian leaders encouraging Christians to stay in the region and return to their homes in Syria and Iraq as the areas are cleared of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other groups Tens of thousands of Christians have been displaced in recent years mostly languishing in camps and cramped apartments But Ephrem says countries that are prioritizing Christian refugees are effectively helping ISIS purge the region of different faiths "ISIS expels people from their homeland and then you take them to the West" says Ephrem "So what You are doing the policy of ISIS" He has gone as far as lobbying foreign governments to stop facilitating Christian migration The US does not currently give Christian refugees priority despite Trump’s suggestion but in the past countries including Poland and Slovakia have indicated they would give preference to Christian refugees and France has also previously offered to host Christians that fled ISIS Other countries like Canada offer private sponsorship programs at are often used by churches to bring their brethren to the country Ephrem and others believe Iraq and Syrian Christians are deserting their earliest homelands The Christian communities there are some of the oldest in the world; the Nineveh plains and cities in Northern Iraq are even mentioned in the Bible The exodus of Iraqi Christians started after the US invasion in 2003 but it was ISISs rapid advance in 2014 that pushed thousands to flee their villages in a matter of days ISISs objective of creating an Islamic caliphate left Christians with few options convert pay die or leave Many chose the latter path In the past year Karim Farajs Facebook feed has been filled with pictures of his Syrian Christian friends now in Europe and Canada He says hundreds of Christians he knows have found ways to get to Western countries Some went with visas but most paid smugglers His village in Hama province is now controlled by Russian and Syrian forces he says but its not safe However he stayed close by in neighboring Lebanon and say he wants to go back to Syria "You cant be truly comfortable except in your own country" says Faraj 21 Yet other Syrian Christians say they have little to return to "Go back to what" asks Joseph Youhana a farmer from Hasakah in northeast Syria "I watched ISIS blow up our church" Youhana and his family were held captive by ISIS for 10 months The militants tried to force them to convert to Islam In September the church struck a deal with ISIS to release him his family and more than 200 other Christians for a sum of $35 million most of it raised through donations Many Christian refugees say even if their villages are retaken by government or other friendly forces they will never feel secure again As Youhana and the others were loaded on buses in ISISs de facto capital Raqqa bound for the Lebanese border one of the fighters pulled Youhanas 14-year-old niece off the bus "Weve heard nothing about her since ISIS still has her" he says showing her picture on his phone "I will not take my daughters back there" Youhana says that even if he felt safe enough to return he doesnt have the money to rebuild his house Some Christian leaders argue that instead of simply taking Christians in Western governments should invest in rebuilding these communities and help guarantee Christians and other minority groups equal rights in their homeland Nafa Mayouma 50 says that will never happen He left Mosul just as ISIS took the city in 2014 The family stayed in northern Iraq for a few months before coming to Lebanon Today he prays in church in Beirut with hundreds of other Iraqi Christians "Our church in Iraq didnt want us to leave" says Mayouma "Maybe its useful for the bishops to have us stay Not for us" He says he knows that soon there will be few Christians left in Iraq but that hes not willing to go back and risk the safety of his family Even if ISIS is pushed out of Mosul or even out of Iraq Mayouma says it wont be secure "Fine you take out ISIS Two three years later youll just have a bigger fiercer group" says Mayouma citing the various militant Islamists groups that came before ISIS in Iraq Ephrem says he knows asking people to stay or return when they are still under attack is difficult but he says Christians and other religious minorities need to resist He points to Lebanons civil war Thousands of Christians fled the often-sectarian fighting but many stayed Today an estimated 38% of the country is Christian though there has been no official census since 1932 What Christians need says Ephrem is more allies to fight groups like ISIS and Boko Haram not help in fleeing them Then perhaps the ancient Christian communities could return to Iraq and Syria "Christianity began here" he says Contact us at editors@timecom

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