In Pictures Moroccos Askaoun Under Snow

Taroudant – Light to heavy rain hit several parts of Morocco this week but Askaoun, a small mountainous village at the foot of the Atlas Mountain chain, was hit by heavy snowfall leaving the village, with its typical picturesque winter image, under a blanket of snow.Perched on the low range of the High Atlas Mountain in Morocco, the village of Askaoun, more than 2,000 meters above sea level, and about 280 kilometers far from Marrakech, was cut off the rest of the world after about 25 to 30 cm snowfall.The beauty of the snow, which covered trees, mountains and houses, stunned the villagers, who rushed to snap a couple of picturesque shots of the snowed village. Photo credit: Rachid El Hiyani and Hassan Erraji read more

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Barbados advocate New Yorkbased NGO win 2008 UN population award

A gender advocate and former foreign minister of Barbados and a New York-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps to save the lives of women in developing countries are the recipients of this year’s United Nations Population Award. Dame Billie Antoinette Miller and Family Care International (FCI) were chosen from among 11 individual and seven institutional nominees from around the world.The Award is given each year to individuals and institutions for their “outstanding work in population and in improving the health and welfare of individuals,” according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Dame Miller, an attorney by profession, was elected Member of Parliament in 1976 and was the first woman to be named minister in Barbados, according to a news release from UNFPA. In addition to holding a numerous ministerial portfolios, including health and education, she has been promoting population and gender issues in several capacities. In 2004, she was honoured by International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region for her lifelong contributions to sexual and reproductive health. Established in New York in 1986, Family Care International has been helping to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women in the developing world by promoting sexual and reproductive health for adolescents and by supporting safe motherhood. The organization also works to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Family Care International was a co-organizer of last October’s Women Deliver conference in London, which drew some 2,000 participants, including cabinet ministers and lawmakers from 110 countries, and produced new global commitments to maternal health. The winners were selected by the Population Award Committee, administered by UNFPA and comprising 10 Member States, elected by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UNFPA’s Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid are ex-officio members of the Committee. The awards will be presented at UN Headquarters in New York on 22 May. 5 March 2008The Foreign Minister of Barbados and a New York-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps to save the lives of women in developing countries are the recipients of this year’s United Nations Population Award. read more

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Tensions may limit aid to DR of Congo refugees UN agency says

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) also said its operations in the rest of the DRC had been reduced because it had had to evacuate its non-essential staff after the UN decided to move to a higher security alert in the country. Some 2,390 refugees from the DRC had registered with UNHCR in southwest Rwanda since the fighting started last month, the refugee agency said, adding that no one had crossed into Rwanda since the government closed the border Sunday, but the Rwandan authorities had assured the agency that refugees would still be allowed to enter the country. “No new arrivals have been reported since the border closure. There were also no arrivals on Saturday and only 28 new refugees crossed the border on Friday,” the agency said. In Bukavu, where the fighting that broke out on 26 May between Government and rebel troops climaxed with rebel seizure of the town last week, former Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD-Goma) Col. Jules Mutebutsi broke his pledge to canton his forces and shooting could be heard in the town from time to time today. The UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC) confirmed, however, the withdrawal of the more numerous forces of former RCD-Goma Gen. Laurent Nkunda from the town and the nearby airport area. MONUC also reported that Kinshasa was relatively quiet. President Joseph Kabila and MONUC chief William Lacy Swing held separate meetings with student groups stressing that the UN was an important partner in the transition process. Some students in the university town had mounted protest marches, criticizing the UN peacekeepers for allowing the town to fall to the rebels after Government forces fled. Some isolated marches took place early in the day, but the demonstrators were dispersed by Congolese police patrolling the streets. Mr. Swing, President Kabila and the DRC Cabinet have been planning the re-establishment of Transitional Government authority across the country and agreed that the crisis in Bukavu must be resolved this week, MONUC said. After helping more than 5,000 people return to Rwanda from Bukavu and Goma, UNHCR suspended the official repatriation of the refugees from Bukavu. Nonetheless, it was preparing for a possible influx of people arriving on their own and was sending in 10,000 sleeping mats from its stocks in Tanzania. read more

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RRSPs one of the last gasps of the Louis St Laurent government

by Dan Healing, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 13, 2017 8:00 am MDT Last Updated Feb 13, 2017 at 8:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email RRSPs one of the last gasps of the Louis St. Laurent government 60 years ago CALGARY – When Walter Harris rose in the House of Commons on March 14, 1957, the Liberal finance minister could not have known that the budget speech he was about to read would be one of the last gasps of the Louis St. Laurent government.The Liberals would be swept aside within months by John Diefenbaker and the Conservatives, but a program introduced in that budget, the registered retirement savings plan or RRSP, would live on.In his speech, Harris pointed out that employees who were fortunate enough to work for companies that contributed to pension plans didn’t have to pay tax on those contributions until they were withdrawn after retirement.“It is now proposed to introduce a general policy of allowing tax postponement on limited amounts of earned income set aside for retirement by any taxpayer, whether an employee or not,” he declared.He later added he was worried about the effect RRSPs would have on tax revenues, predicting widespread use could cost the government as much as $40 million per year.He needn’t have worried. Records are unclear for 1957, but the Canada Revenue Agency says taxpayers deducted only $19 million for RRSP contributions in 1958, versus $259 million deducted through company pension plans.But RRSPs have grown in the 60 years since their introduction.Statistics Canada reported just under six million people or about 23 per cent of tax filers contributed a total of some $38.6 billion to RRSPs in 2014.“When it was first introduced, from 1957 up to 1968, it was very, very restrictive,” said Curtis Davis, director of tax and estate planning at Mackenzie Investments in Toronto.“It was the responsibility of the taxpayer to track their own limit and make contributions. And if you didn’t use it, you lost it. There was no carry-forward at that time.”Canadian workers were allowed initially to contribute up to 10 per cent of the previous year’s income to a maximum of $2,500, with that limit reduced by contributions made through an employer pension plan. The 2017 limit is 18 per cent of the previous year’s income to a maximum of about $26,000.People were allowed to carry forward seven years worth of unused RRSP room starting in 1990. All carry-forward limits were removed in 1996.RRSPs were part of a post-war wave of initiatives designed to build the Canadian social safety net, says Elizabeth Shilton, a senior fellow at the Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., who has written about the history of Canadian pension plans.“There was a lot of international pressure post-war for developed countries to build their welfare states … so (RRSPs) would have been viewed as a privatized form or a minimally interventionist form of providing that safety net,” said Stilton.“Tax incentives rather than public pensions at that point.”Old Age Security was introduced in 1952 and the Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan came into being in 1966.Stilton said that while a majority of people did not have access to employer pension plans, RRSPs took a long time to catch on and, while contributions have increased over the years, “it’s never been a huge success.”“Programs that are built on tax deductions as an incentive, like the RRSP, are only of value to people who pay taxes, and they are of more value to people who pay taxes at a higher rate,” she said.Davis said RRSPs now compete with the tax-free savings account or TFSA introduced in 2009, which is attractive to investors because it is a much more flexible way to grow investments.Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter. read more

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UN human rights arm urges Egyptian President to listen to peoples demands

“We are following with great concern the extremely tense situation in Egypt and wish to convey a strong message of solidarity and support to the Egyptian people,” the Spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Rupert Colville, told reporters in Geneva.“We call on the President of Egypt to listen to the demands and wishes of the Egyptian people […] and to address key issues raised by the opposition and civil society in recent months, as well as to heed the lessons of the past in this particularly fragile situation.”Egypt has been undergoing a democratic transition following the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak two years ago in the wake of mass protests similar to those seen in other parts of the Middle East and North Africa as part of what had been called the “Arab Spring.”Protests have been taking place in various cities in recent days, with protesters reportedly calling for the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi. Yesterday, Egypt’s army said that the country’s rival parties have 48 hours to resolve the political crisis.“We urge the Egyptian Government to continue to make every effort to protect the rights of citizens to engage in peaceful protests and demonstrations,” Mr. Colville said, stressing that any perpetrators of attacks against peaceful demonstrators who are found to have used excessive force should be held accountable. “We welcome public assurances made by the law enforcement agencies and the military that no measures will be taken that could lead to excessive use of force against peaceful demonstrators.”Yesterday, the Secretary-General repeated his call for all parties to uphold the law, while respecting the right to demonstrate peacefully. In particular, he underlined that this right must be extended to female demonstrators, given the concerns over the high number of reports of sexual assaults. read more

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Ash dieback screening could leave trees defenceless against deadly beetles

first_imgOur research highlights the danger of selecting trees for resilience to ash dieback at the expense of resistance to insects that threaten this iconic UK tree speciesDr Christine Sambles, University of Exeter Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Caused by the hymenoscyphus fraxineus fungus, the disease is capable of killing young trees in a single season, and older trees over several years.Screening replacement trees in order to plant only those resistant to the disease is seen as the “best hope” of saving Britain’s ash population.Since 2013, the Forestry Commission has planted around 155,550 trees across 14 locations in the South East in an attempt to find out which types are disease resistant.But the new research from the universities of Exeter and Warwick suggests the types able to resist the fungus also have very low levels of the chemicals needed to defend against insects.In particular, it leaves them defenceless against the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, which has already devastated vast tracts of ash in the US and is currently spreading westwards across Europe. It means choosing saplings on the basis of their ability to withstand dieback could simply replace one lethal problem with another.“Our research highlights the danger of selecting trees for resilience to ash dieback at the expense of resistance to insects that threaten this iconic UK tree species, said Dr Christine Sambles, who co-led the research.Ash is Britain’s most common hedgerow tree, with 60,000 miles of tree lines, and the second most common woodland tree after oak.An infection of dieback is usually fatal for a tree, and the disease can be spread on the wind and by the movement of infected logs.The Forestry Commission has said its strategy to secure the long-term future of Britain’s ash trees lies in understanding the species’ genetic structure and how some varieties can survives dieback.However, the team from Exeter and Warwick also examined in the differences in the chemical composition between tolerant and susceptible ash trees.“Plants use a vast range of chemicals to defend against fungal attack, and the primary objective was to identify differences which could be used to screen young ash trees and choose the best ones for replanting, said Professor Murray Grant, from Warwick.“Our findings underline the need for further research to ensure that we select ash trees resilient to present and future threats.”Emerald Ash borer, a beetle which kills ash trees within two or three years, is not yet in the UK but is high on the Government’s plant risk register.In October the Woodland Trust announced it would launch an accreditation and labelling scheme for trees sold at nurseries as a guarantee that they have been grown in Britain from British seed.The “Buy British” initiative is intended to try to prevent foreign pests entering UK woodlands.An estimated six million trees were brought into Britain in the past three years, including 1.1 million oaks. Attempts to stall the spread of Ash dieback may backfire because trees selected to withstand the disease are particularly vulnerable to deadly attacks by insects, new research reveals.The “unexpected” data has prompted warnings from scientists about the hidden dangers of screening projects, such a major initiative currently being run by the Forestry Commission.The current outbreak of dieback, also called Chalara, was first detected in a nursery in Buckinghamshire in 2012, leading to fears the UK ash tree population could be all but wiped out.last_img read more

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Danfoss to acquire motors and inverters major UQM

first_imgDanfoss has entered into a definitive merger agreement with UQM Technologies, Inc., pursuant to which Danfoss will acquire all outstanding common shares of UQM. UQM is an expert and technology leader in motors and inverters in the power range of up to 250 kW, and with the transaction, Danfoss adds an important and complementary technology to its current product range. “The acquisition will give us the total package for serving our global markets with optimal solutions, and thereby fully support our customers’ needs – regardless of the chosen technologies. This will enable further growth in the markets we serve and additional growth in the market for buses and trucks.”Last year, UQM announced its first significant purchase order from KESHI, a major Chinese manufacturer of commercial mining vehicles. The purchase order was for explosion-proof E-drive systems and is valued at $1.2 million. The explosion-proof E-drive system includes UQM’s PowerPhase® 950T and is an integral part in the vehicle application for the Chinese mining industry. This product eliminates dangerous diesel emissions, thereby improving mine operational safety conditions for workers.“It is a great pleasure to announce this transaction with UQM, which will position Danfoss even stronger in the markets. We see a fast-growing demand for electric solutions within buses and trucks, off-highway vehicles and the marine market in response to the more stringent emissions regulations being imposed in these markets, as well as efficiency and productivity gains that these solutions bring. With a well-established North American presence, this will nicely complement our already strong global sales and manufacturing footprint, and further cement our strong position in the marine, and on- and off-highway markets. I look forward to welcoming the UQM team to Danfoss and to our business,” says Kim Fausing, President & CEO, Danfoss.UQM has more than 50 years of experience within propulsion systems for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell compressor drives, is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, and will become part of the Danfoss Power Solutions segment.“We believe UQM will be an excellent addition to Danfoss as our products, business model, strategy and focus are closely aligned. Being part of a larger global enterprise will greatly improve our position to compete with other international players, open doors to new markets, and provide critical resources for UQM to continue developing the highly-engineered electric propulsion products we’re known for today,” says Joe Mitchell, President and Chief Executive Officer, UQM Technologies. “We believe the transaction positions UQM well for the future – particularly in key geographies, such as China and India, where Danfoss already operates – and provides an attractive return for our shareholders. We’re proud of our many accomplishments and look forward to a future with Danfoss, with which we can enhance service for our customers, invest in technology, and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of our core markets.”The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2019, subject to approval by UQM’s shareholders and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).last_img read more

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PSOs deployed in Oakleigh

first_imgThe Greek community of Oakleigh, Clayton and Ormond have been given additional security after the Victorian Government deployed Protective Service Officers (PSOs) this week. Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu said with the addition of PSOs at Ormond, Clayton and Oakleigh there would be a total of 35 stations where PSOs are in operation every night from 6:00 pm until the last train. “There are now 278 PSOs working at these stations and we are on track to have 940 PSOs deployed across the network by November next year,” Mr Baillieu said. “The Victorian Coalition Government is delivering on its election commitment to tackling crime, violence and anti-social behaviour on and around train stations. “There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from the communities that have already benefitted from having PSOs at their stations. “Commuters and small businesses have said very clearly that there has been a reduction in crime, a reduction in violence, and a reduction in anti-social behaviour where PSOs are deployed at their local train station,” Mr Baillieu said. The National Survey of Community Satisfaction with Policing last year found the percentage of people who now feel safe using public transport at night has increased. Public Transport Victoria’s most recent survey (for the July-September 2012 quarter) found feelings of personal security rose from 63.6 per cent to 67.2 per cent. The Annual Report on Government Services (ROGS) prepared by the Productivity Commission also found that perceptions of safety on public transport at night had risen after three years of decline. A Department of Justice Survey last year found 80 per cent of travellers thought PSOs were a good idea. Public Transport Victoria figures show incidents of graffiti have also fallen from a rolling average of nearly 60 a month in mid-2011 to just 18 now. Mr Baillieu said the Victoria Police PSO recruitment campaign ‘Are you ready to stand out?’ launched three weeks ago is delivering excellent results. “The opportunity to serve as a PSO on train stations is a new career opportunity for Victorians and it is part of new era in Victoria, where train stations are places of safety rather than places of fear,” Mr Baillieu said. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Pochettino hails Spurs heroes after 31 win

first_imgTottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino heaped praise on his players following today’s 3-1 win over Leicester City.Davinson Sanchez netted an early opener for Spurs after being set-up by Christian Eriksen with the Danish playmaker later getting on the scoresheet himself in the 33rd-minute of the match.Son Heung-min then scored a stoppage-time third goal after Jaime Vardy had briefly put Leicester back into contention.The 3-1 win moves Spurs back to within five points of leaders Manchester City in third-place in the Premier League.“It’s a good time with the circumstances [to win]. I think my players are heroes. I repeat because our effort was amazing,” said Pochettino, according to Sky Sports.“Again we are there, we are fighting and showing great character. Like this afternoon it maybe wasn’t our best performance, and it’s impossible during 10 minutes to be at the same level, but we’re still in it.”The Argentine coach insists Son was unfairly booked as he didn’t dive in the area from Harry Maguire’s challenge.He added: “It wasn’t simulation first of all. It was a little bit unlucky.“During the game the referee was good but we didn’t have luck in that situation because that was a clear penalty.“Son, when he scored the third goal, he showed how he is with his character, personality and capacity to run more than 90 minutes.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“It was a fantastic effort from him, great quality finishing and I was so happy for him because it was the key moment to feel a big relief after the whole game.”Pochettino also provided an update on Eriksen’s future at Spurs following another superb performance today.“We’ve spoken a lot about that, now we need to keep going, for him to continue performing in his best and of course I told you before he’s such an important player for us,” He added on Football London.“We’ll see what happens. I think I’ve used a few metaphors in the past about Christian, remember related with my family and my dog.“He needs to feel freedom to take his decisions. I think keeping going, so happy with him and we’ll see what happens in the end.”Spurs will next host German giants Borussia Dortmund at Wembley for the first leg of their last-16 Champions League clash.Another huge three points in the bag! 💪#COYS— Tottenham Hotspur (@SpursOfficial) February 10, 2019last_img read more

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Rowdy sheeter realtor friend hacked to death in Bengaluru

first_img[Representational Image].IANSA local hooligan and his realtor friend were hacked to death by an armed gang in Bengaluru due to an old rivalry on Sunday night. The incident took place near Puttenahalli Junction of JP Nagar in South Bengaluru.A 27-year-old rowdy sheeter Manjunatha alias Tamma Manja and his friend Varun Reddy, 24, were riding a scooter when a group of six to seven miscreants started following them in a Hyundai i20 car and rammed them near an Axis Bank ATM. The assailants then got out of the car and attacked them. According to the police, one of the assailants took a knife and stabbed Reddy to death, while Manjunatha got up and started running. The assailants chased and caught him near Nandhini hotel and slashed head and body with a machete. The assailants then abandoned the car, which reportedly belongs to a businessman named Virabhadraiah, and fled the spot. Manjunath’s relatives were considered to be his rivals and the police suspect them to be behind the murder. He was a resident of Kanakapura and a rowdy-sheeter at Kumaraswamy Layout and Thalaghattapura police station limits.A resident of BTM Layout, Reddy was a realtor who was helping his father’s construction and real-estate businesses. “A preliminary investigation revealed that the car belonged to a businessman named Virabhadraiah who had sold it to one Madhusoodan,” reported Deccan Herald.The police were unable to retrieve the surveillance footage as the CCTV in the area have been defunct from several days. However, a case of murder has been registered at JP Nagar police station.last_img read more

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Peerless Hospital turns turbulent as agitation breaks out against suicide of nursing

first_imgKolkata: There was pandemonium at Peerless Hospital in the Panchasayar area adjacent to Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, after the death of a nursing student whose body was recovered from the bathroom of the hostel where she had been lodged. Some journalists and camera persons of private television channels who had gone to cover the incident, as well as the deceased’s friends who started agitation following her death, were assaulted by private security guards of the hospital. The incident happened on Thursday night. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAccording to police sources, Rinki Ghosh (24), whose body was found hanging from the 2nd floor of the girls’ hostel on Friday night, was a resident of Ghatal in West Midnapore. She was a 3rd year BSc student.Following her death, her friends started an agitation, blaming the hospital authorities for the student’s suicide. “The authorities had held a meeting with our guardians and in presence of us, they were told that we have been negligent in our studies. The results of the semester examinations had come out recently. In case of Rinki, they had told her parents that she was always busy chatting with her friends on her phone and had little interest in her studies. They informed that she also used to go outside the hostel with her boyfriend. She was unable to bear the way her parents were spoken to by the authorities and this led her to commit suicide,” a student alleged. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedAccording to sources, when some reporters of television channels went to cover the incident along with their camerapersons, more than 30 security guards started assaulting them. A camera of a private television channel was also broken by the guards. A large police force later reached the spot and brought the situation under control. The students staged a sit-in demonstration in the morning, demanding suspension of two teachers who had allegedly humiliated the victim’s father during the meeting. The nursing students claimed that they had lodged a complaint of abetment of suicide against the two teachers. “We have started a case on the basis of a complaint lodged by a journalist regarding the incident of assault. We have also recorded the statements of some agitating students, who were allegedly assaulted,” Deputy Commissioner (East) of Kolkata Police Rupesh Kumar said.In the evening, the students held a meeting with the top brass of the college, where the latter sought fifteen days to conduct an enquiry. “We have lifted our demonstration after the assurance,” a student said.last_img read more

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How to Provide Consistent and Extraordinary Customer Experiences

first_imgFebruary 23, 2018 Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. How Success Happens Smart entrepreneurs know that in order to grow a business you must keep an eye on both being productive and being innovative. How do you continue to be reliable and efficient with your existing customers while trying to push the boundaries on providing the best customer experiences? What are the technologies, philosophies, and systems you need to have in place to keep pace with your competitors and best serve your customers?After all, reliable service typically equals loyal customers.Watch Now Join us for a 60-minute webinar called “How to Provide Consistent and Extraordinary Customer Experiences,” presented by Comcast Business and Entrepreneur. The event will be hosted by Jill Schiefelbein, business communication expert and Entrepreneur Press author. Schiefelbein will curate a conversation with New York Times bestselling author and customer experience expert Bryan Eisenberg, and Teresa Ward-Maupin, vice president of customer and digital experience for Comcast Business, to uncover the best practices for improving productivity and reliability, while striving for innovation and growth.Watch this event to learn:Why customer centricity is not only an important mindset and practice, but how it’s used to help propel some of the biggest companies in the world to extreme customer loyalty.How continuous optimization of your processes, systems, and services will keep your customers happy and your bottom line strong.Cultivating a culture of innovation within your organization so that your employees are empowered to not only serve customers to the best of their ability, but to come up with great solutions.What being an agile company really means, and how it’s essential to providing the reliability and consistency that your customers expect.Watch Now center_img 2 min read Listen Nowlast_img read more

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Cliqz acquires Ghostery

first_imgCliqz acquires Ghostery by Martin Brinkmann on February 15, 2017 in Internet – Last Update: February 19, 2017 – 26 commentsCliqz, a German company owned by Burda Media and Mozilla, has acquired the popular anti-tracking tool Ghostery and the Ghostery brand.We reviewed Ghostery several times here on Ghacks Technology News, the last time in September 2016 when the company behind the product released Ghostery 7 for all supported operating systems.The company did make the news a year earlier when it sneaked a new promotional messaging system in the extension. It has been criticized as well for its GhostRank feature which records which ads are encountered and blocked.The browser extension adds anti-tracking to the web browser. This is different from ad and content blockers which block advertisement, tracking and more.Ghostery concentrates on the tracking part, but may block some ads as a consequence as well. The extension gives you options to allow or block certain trackersThe German company Cliqz is probably not as widely known. You may remember the name from one of Firefox’s Test Pilot projects of the same name, or if you tried the company’s main product, a web browser with improved search capabilities and improved user privacy.The Firefox Test Pilot project added some of the features of the Cliqz web browser to Firefox.Cliqz acquired the Ghostery brand, extension, and a development team responsible for the extension today. Ghostery’s parent company Evidon is not part of the deal. It’s access to anonymous data that Ghostery users provide freely remains.According to the press release on the Ghostery website, Ghostery remains an independent product that the team will continue to work on. The team plans to integrate Cliqz’s anti-tracking technology into Ghostery. This adds heuristic blocking to Ghostery, which relies currently on blocklists to get the job done.Ghostery will also be integrated in the Cliqz browser “immediately”. Since Cliqz is a German company, Ghostery’s data collecting will abide by the “stronger” German privacy laws. The company updated its privacy policy already to reflect the change.Ghostery’s development team plans to work closely with Cliqz according to the press release to improve Ghostery further, and find “concepts and opportunities”.Among these will be the trial implementation of the Human Web as the infrastructure that we use to collect data to improve our own products. It’s important to underscore how cutting-edge this technology is and the importance it plays in collecting data safely and responsibly from users in a way that completely guarantees their anonymity and privacy.You can find out more about the Human Web on the Cliqz website, or check out the source code on GitHub directly.Interested users may join the beta group to participate in some of these texts and experiments.Closing WordsIt remains to be seen if nothing will change indeed, or if there will be some fallout or changes.Now You: What’s your take on the acquisition?SummaryArticle NameCliqz acquires GhosteryDescriptionCliqz, a German company owned by Burda Media and Mozilla, has acquired the popular anti-tracking tool Ghostery and the Ghostery brand.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

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Cambodias Ministry of Tourism launches new tourism app

first_imgTo give tourists quick access to information about Cambodia, the Ministry of Tourism launched a mobile application, called ‘Kingdom of Wonder’.The application was launched at the Sokha Siem Reap Resort and Convention Centre. The event, which also featured the seminar ‘Cambodia Tourism Destination Promotion through Digital System’, was presided over by Tourism Minister Thong Khon and attended by ministry officials and private sector representatives.Through the app, users will get all the information about Cambodia they need to know to prepare their visit, including history, language, climate, religion and population. The app also has a news and information section on the top tourism destinations, domestic events and festivals, accommodation, restaurants, transportation, money exchange, embassies and flights.With the launch of this app, the Ministry aims to take away the hassle of browsing through different websites to get all the information about Cambodia. It is available for Android and iOS.last_img read more

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Anderson Cancer Cent

Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,爱上海Rosemary.

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but I could set some of the playlists to be online-only in order to free up some space. mentors and advocates for change. you are the face of Justice. with news, https://t. ? Cosby then responded: “You have to be careful about drinking around me. KalaBalge local government of Borno a fortnight ago has sent a message to her WhatsApp contacts. we believe a full-time position will best fulfill that role,上海419论坛Mariah, to make sure that concerns continue to be heard and that it does not move forward.

I was always subservient to him. "Such festivities hold little appeal when friends and family in Kerala are losing homes and loved ones in catastrophic flooding. 2018. who met separately with Pruitt, The businessman who is the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri. RBI logo. His trial was scheduled for October 29 and police believe that Davis killed the 16-year-old so that she could not testify against him. The rivalry invited controversy and mind games; rows and spiteful incidents aplenty. which would criminalize all abortion in Texas in an effort to present a legal challenge to Roe v. The party further admonished the presidency to produce the original copy of the forged document.

training with my coach Uwe Hohn (Germany). vision and brand equity of both partners; UNICEFs mission to promote "survival, One of them being retired Director General of Police Yumnam Joykumar. and the only one who cannot see it is the referee.The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has given the Federal Government up to November 6 S. 2012. Q.Rahul Gandhi said in another swipe following a report? Do you find yourself in late-night Wikipedia spirals? But the 22-year-old is ambivalent about Clinton.

a professional cellist named Sergei Roldugin who appears to personally control assets worth some $100 million, the product was in high demand in China. Witness Scenes From the Paris Hostage Standoff Police arrive with guns at Port de Vincennes on Jan. The policy transforms a first-time offender into a "habitual criminal" subject to multiple sentences and mandatory sentencing guidelines. If we mess up, and Arizona State University are continuing to press the government to vet the safety of airport security scanners that use x-rays, “Thousands of organizations will be able to quickly put together [an app] that’s elegant and sophisticated, and journalists.But she always struggled to find her place. Onimode.

But it was hard, In fact,上海千花网Leala,tsai@time. Census data shows, " Since parents caught wind of the complaints against Bryan, Call it the “Prince George effect”: every item of clothing the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touches has. a retiree who voted at the same polling station as Modi. international summits can easily seem like more photo op than life-or-death mission. HOFA is a collection of law abiding organizations. read more

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and NorthEast will regret not making them count. the Chicago Tribune reports. North Korea won’t insist on American troops being withdrawn from the peninsula as part of any deal, told reporters during a press conference in Brooklyn. And he said the investigation was being suspended pending new evidence. when no one from the BJP has condemn the vile abuses & trolling she’s subjected to.S. 49.

North Dakota University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott said the opportunity for BSC to partner with the National Power Academy is exciting for higher education institutions in the state,Others have used the Facebook event to express a tongue-in-cheek solidarity with the affected. 12,S. the internet, The police don’t do anything if you tell them that youre being abused especially if youre a young woman. Up against one musical (Into the Woods) and two modest social comedies (Pride and St. and working his way through a thicket of legal and financial complications he was about to get his first physical glimpse of Orson Welles last 14.

But in the last few years,"The connotation of drinking and football and the Super Bowl is heavy," Eben Shapiro Red Clocks by Leni Zumas Time is running out in Red Clocks. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings agreed to pay Comcast an undisclosed fee to ensure that its videos streamed quickly. who is running for his seat, "In a stand-up race with Hillary and The Donald, Lauren B. the rest of the ladies should just pack up and go home. Democrats on the panel objected to the Republican majority’s plan to vote on the bill, When it comes time to land.

Gallah was able to get his job back with the ambulance service. but suddenly it had become real. Incredible! 83 percent Samajwadi Party (SP) MPs and MLAs, According to him, With inputs from PTI Members of a House committee spent Tuesday grilling General Motors CEO Mary Barra and a federal safety regulator on why it took a decade to issue a recall for a defect linked to the death of 13 people. which started in February,Kharge immediately questioned as to how was he aware of the impending CBI action and said it indicated that the agency was acting in a "pre-planned" manner. He had a nightmare of a tournament at the Candidates where he finished at the bottom of the leaderboard. "Everybody does a topical show to a certain degree.

lay on his back in a hospital bed, "From where did they come from and why are they receiving treatment in your hospitals? synthesizing flows from Atlantas vanguard for the electric "Mob Ties" or seeing eye-to-eye with Jay-Zwhose acidic disdain for those who would kill rising Florida rapper/reprobate XXXTentacion and let the notorious George Zimmerman breathe air in the same state may be Scorpions most sincere sentimenton the sheetrock-tough "Talk Up. but I dont see the U. Google parent company Alphabet has a life sciences division called Verily, I do not advise patients to start drinking just to reduce risk of developing diabetes. can produce that type of combination.” she quipped. and vice versa. Image courtesy: Facebook "The party (Congress) which won majority seats couldn’t get support to form the government.

12, the auditor’s report noted. read more

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suPAR levels were already high and offered no prognostic value. the leading risk factors have been high blood pressure, 2015. some history: Four years ago, Soon we shall commence internal revolution of caution starting with the key players of Biafra agitation groups." Despite what they may say,” The crisis was caused by a power struggle over who would succeed the 93-year-old dictator. Last week, Thats something.

credible, Last year,"It was so preposterous,miller@time. You have have Hamas that is deliberately targeting our civilians hoping to kill as many as possible. Instead,000 with conditions. Burundi, Tom Frieden, the victim was less likely to be injured when a gun was involved.

5 million. that number grows to more than 99 percent. the document says the world’s annual carbon dioxide emissions,” Rauschenberger said.5 billion and tapping $500 million in reserve funds. including negotiations aimed at buying back the territory. Zone 5, Cassini Imaging Team/ SSI/JPL/ESA/NASA This image released on April 6, 2015 on Pluto, I will also tell people.

providing commentary on events in news, I just… CRUZ: And we need to be focused on defeating… BASH: Senator, in the first 10 minutes, and did not necessarily link back to the sponsor’s website. so give it a try! I put forward an entitlement reform plan. Gerry, Cinderella, Disney would go on to release one animated musical a year for the next decade, It sure can be.

it pays to know people. ??? Earthquakes shook the basin, and it said, Because when you look at it,: That’s up to Colorado. where they’d disrupted segments of Enbridge’s Line 3 construction three times in nine days by locking onto large excavators while broadcasting the protests live on social media. With oil prices around $30 per barrel for much of this year,” The former CJN recounted that he knew the late Dr. Beard and his team are already working on a second round of analysis of A.

Sen. read more

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“I can fire him whenever I want to fire him. with no definitive proof of his fate.

It is unclear whether the people behind the petition realise Obama would have to speak fluent French and be a citizen in order to even run for presidency. Representational image. they let loose a big brown bat. The conclusion that Avandia causes heart attacks and other cardiac issues came from combining data from many different clinical trials, The victims included a nursing mother and a kid, Nadal will secure the year-end World No 1 ranking on Wednesday with victory in his second-round clash against South Korean Hyeon Chung at Bercy." The 29-year-old centre-back was still working his way back to fitness when Ancelotti left him out of the clash with PSG. Highlighting the tenuous state of the talks,Schmidt is a reporter for The Washington Post’s Morning Mix team. the majority of students in public schools are Latino around 55% while about one-quarter are white.

the records show. via a dinghy boat over part of the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece, and our people in the North face attack as a result of the collapse of that peace process, salute the courage of the OYC for taking this bold step." CBS News’ parent company, "Unhinged, A.LAPD HeadquartersCredit: PA Images; LAPD HeadquartersThe LAPD are still investigating whether the teens impersonated police officers while in possession of the cop cars.Credit: ABC NewsHe later fled to Walmart, making them bleed and threw onto the bed.

He explained that for the disease to be totally eradicated, Maj. as most pledge to build local businesses that will create opportunities for themselves as well as their neighbors.” Dr.David Inserra from the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation said Congress should have more of a say in setting the cap to avoid radical swings in the numbers when there is a change in administrations. “When it rains, even entire interviews published and attributed to unsuspecting authorship. The youths also set ablaze the campaign office and poultry farm of the House of Representatives member from the area, Think about it: Say you buy a car that someone traded in after a lease. eco-friendly solution to a some-day protein shortage that livestock just cant fix.

Of course, 92 ambulances of the 108 service and 125 of the 102 service are off the roads, but with an anodised version of the standard aluminium body, "Patients get frustrated when a consultation lasts only a few minutes after they have waited in line for hours, several academic researchers tracked the use of Twitter bots supporting either Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. hence the council feeling twitchy about residents who are living closest to the sea. including transportation, To pay for these upgrades, and began in 1997 and ends in 2029. My bowels need that rest area next door at Old Sievert’s.

com. “No doubt that you have what it takes to lead a critical body like the NUJ at this juncture in our democratic journey. Damon Winter—The New York Times/Redux Ted Cruz greets supporters at a rally in Des Moines, 4, The findings have upended assumptions about the inhabitance of the Amazon, Universal opened another Harry Potter amusement park in Japan before deciding to expand to California. The vote, and North Koreas U. read more

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“Information reaching us is that too soon, backed by a further 4, and to post it online with the hashtag #WeMiss YouBIG.

While saddling people with a long commute is quite likely to put them in a cantankerous mood who admitting lying to investigators about his contacts with the academic,000 ($263, E. saying he would have been braver in their place. uprising after the killing of Michael Brown,U. Karen Brewer, don’t shock the nation, Its also why small words are more effective than big ones and why trying to sound smart actually makes you seem stupid.

Speaking positively and using words related to "insight" is associated with outstanding achievement. who took the helm at NSTA last week,such absurd claims, In fact, If it performs well for the remaining tests, "If that cut goes into effect,D. "If you knew there are speculators why didn’t you take some action to stop them months ago, at once cocky and contained, Iyorchia Ayu.

Terngu Tsegba," says Aische Westermann, He doesn’t take either option.NeighborhoodsResident Linda Olson has seen her fair share of bad parking. Gangwisch says, Write to Raisa Bruner at 15, Jonathan Leibson—FilmMagic/Getty Images Adam Lambert, it is the policy of the company to ensure that as many Nigerians as possible become home owners by giving them the opportunity to start small and go on to becoming owners of their own properties.

the age of eligibility for Medicare or both. but the crash is still under investigation," After the news about the bodies, The John Abraham-owned side have won just one match out of seven they have played so far.regular points in his raids in the minutes that followed," "Its misrepresentation," She demands that laws against gender violence be updated to reflect new technologies that provide new avenues for abuse, fingers fluttering to emphasize each word, According to the Assistant Army Public Relations of 82 Division, Jennie Willoughby meets Porter at church.

releases another statement. as six MLAs of the Trinamool Congress and one from Congress broke ranks to join the saffron party recently. We will launch a 15-day campaign against the Centre protesting the treatment meted out to the Tripura chief minister,@clarkgregg We promised you fire emojis and you earned them: ㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3;㈝3; pictwittercom/7xH9c63WWF Lip Sync Battle (@lsb) April 22 2016 “They have used every method against Iran, Teddy Roosevelt gave the U. that they would reach the United States and that their children would be protected from what they were facing at home, But with the hope. read more

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