Radical genome recoding paves way for new era in the manipulation of

first_imgThere’s a lot of hyperbole in science journalism, or at least a tendency to state every finding in its most extreme possible form, so let’s be clear: the following story is incredible, a fundamental step forward for the human animal and its ability to control the environment in which it lives.This isn’t an over-blown test tube victory unlikely to generalize to humans; this is a proof of concept for a whole new era in the manipulation of life. In two concurrent studies published last week in the journal Science, researchers recoded the genomes of e. coli colonies to begin to use building blocks never before seen by living things.Proteins, the main functional units of the cell, are made of up of various combinations of 20 basic amino acids. Since DNA uses a four-letter system to code for these amino acids, basic math can show us why life was forced to use DNA words (or “codons”) three letters in length: One letter can code for four different states, two letters for (4*4 = 16) different states, and three letters for (4*4*4 = 64) different states. Two letters isn’t quite enough, but three provides many more possible words than the 20 we technically require.The genetic code. Notice how many amino acids can arise from more than one 3-letter codon.As a result the body has what are called “degenerate codons,” meaning that two different codons could both lead to the same final amino acid. In the first of these two studies, researchers replaced the codon UAG, which normally acts as a “STOP” signal that marks the end of protein synthesis, with the codon UAA. UAA serves the same STOP function as UAG, which basically means that the researchers can remove the STOP functionality from UAG codons without harming the cell. They have freed up one out of the cell’s 64 words with little or no impact on that cell’s ability to survive.These genetically recoded organisms (or GROs) now have a word free — but there’s no need to stop at just one. The second of the two studies looked to test the bacteria’s ability to soak up multiple recodings, choosing 13 different codons to replace with degenerate versions. The results were incredible, as even with 24% of the relevant DNA replaced, the proteins of interest were still made without trouble. That’s a full fifth of the protein vocabulary now open for some alternate use, and the possibilities are nearly endless.Non-Standard Amino Acids (NSAAs) can now be incorporated into proteins by inserting new instances of the hijacked codons. In the first study, any time the researchers inserted the former STOP codon UAG, the cell incorporated their new UAG NSAA into the growing strand. This means they’ve expanded the protein alphabet from 20 amino acids to 21. Beyond any possible uses for this extra building block, it turns out that such changes to biochemistry can have benefits in and of themselves.Radical recoding boiled down to its bare essentials.Even just a single codon replacement made the colony of the first study much more resistant to viral infection. Viruses generally work by hijacking a cell’s machinery to make more copies of the virus, and so their life cycle depends on finding predictable genetic mechanisms with which to work. Changing the meaning of codons and substituting NSAAs fundamentally hampers the main mechanism of viral replication. This could make industrial bacterial colonies, which will only become more important as time goes on, all but invulnerable to the sorts of catastrophic viral invasions that currently keep industrial biologists awake at night.The NSAAs themselves could allow amazing new advances, as well. More durable versions of amino acids, or novel stabilizing molecules, could lead to drugs that survive longer in the body, or which have much longer expiration dates than today’s versions. Totally new lock-and-key molecules could be added to make sure a drug can’t be delivered to the wrong part of the body. Stretches of a suicide molecule could let scientists destroy just a single type of engineered protein at will.This is the first time we have managed to successfully monkey with the genetic code itself, completely redefine a DNA word across an entire genome. It’s an important step forward for synthetic biology, and a powerful research method that is certain to prompt many a Geek article still to come.last_img read more

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40 ans dinnovations au CES

first_img40 ans d’innovations au CESQue peuvent bien avoir en commun un Commodore 64, un DVD, le WiFi et Tetris ? À première vue rien, sauf qu’ils ont tous été présentés en tant qu’innovations techniques lors d’un des Consumer Electronics Show. New York, Chicago, Las Vegas…Trois villes mythiques, pour un grand rendez-vous de Technologie : le CES, ou Consumer Electronics Show. Il a débuté en 1967 et est devenu, au fil des années, le grand rendez-vous des technophiles au niveau mondial. À l’occasion de son édition de 2012, qui se déroulera du 10 au 13 janvier, retrouvez 40 ans d’innovations présentées au CES, en images sur Maxisciences. Le 5 janvier 2012 à 18:01 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Sunny Isles Beach Marshalls evacuated after reports of armed man

first_imgSUNNY ISLES BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Reports of an armed man inside the Marshalls in Sunny Isles Beach prompted an evacuation of the store.Sunny Isles Beach Police units responded to the store near Sunny Isles Beach Boulevard and Collins Avenue, at around 8:40 p.m., Sunday.Officers evacuated the store and surrounded the building. A Miami-Dade Police chopper and K-9 units assisted in the search.A witness who identified himself as Alex described the tense moments.“There was some banging, but I don’t know what it was. It was probably a shot. I don’t know,” he said.Police said they did not find an armed subject in the store. They said he may have left before they got there.“It’s a crazy day. Nothing like it, you know. This is typical in Florida, always happens,” said Alex. “I heard last time it was over here, in the other building but nothing major. You just gotta be protected at all times. That’s it.” No one was taken into custody.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Critics Question Sealaska Ballot

first_imgFour Sealaska board of directors candidates say the regional Native corporation’s balloting process violates a recent court ruling.Sealaska says it’s not a problem.Sealaska Plaza, the corporation’s headquarters.The Alaska Supreme Court decision came in a case involving CIRI, the regional Native corporation for the Cook Inlet area.The group 4 Shareholders for Sealaska says Native corporations must now disclose how discretionary votes will be counted in board elections.Discretionary votes are turned over to the board, which casts them for its slate. Shareholders authorize such voting by checking a box on their ballots, also called proxies.Randy Wanamaker is spokesman for the 4 Shareholders group.“Sealaska’s proxy does not contain that language. They have some language in their proxy booklet, but not on the proxy itself. And the state Supreme Court said you must put it on the proxy,” Wanamaker says.Sealaska officials say election attorneys have reviewed the issue.Corporate Secretary Nicole Hallingstad says the ballots are legal, as-is.“The outside group misinterprets the CIRI case and is designed to confuse shareholders. Sealaska’s proxy statement, proxy card and bylaws all state clearly that discretionary votes will be allocated to elect the board slate candidates,” Hallingstad says.Thirteen people are seeking four seats on the regional Native corporation’s board. There are three incumbents, the four-shareholders slate and six independents.This year’s proxy also includes a resolution to limit discretionary voting.Balloting is underway and winners will be announced at the June 28th annual meeting near Seattle.Sealaska is the regional Native corporation for Tlingits, Haidas and Tsimshians with roots in Southeast Alaska. More than half its almost 22,000 shareholders live outside the region.The 4 Shareholders candidates are Karen Taug, Ross Soboleff, Carlton Smith and Margaret Nelson.The independent candidates are Myrna Gardner, Mick Beasley, Michelle McConkey, Will Micklin, Edward Sarabia Jr. and Ralph Wolfe.The board incumbents are Sidney Edenshaw, Ed Thomas and Rosita Worl. Incumbent Bryon Mallott is not seeking re-election so he can focus on running for governor.Sealaska4′s press release:Based on a recent Alaska Supreme Court decision, the four independent candidates for the Sealaska board – Karen Taug, Ross Soboleff, Carlton Smith, and Margaret Nelson — are questioning the rules governing Sealaska’s annual meeting voting process.“It appears Sealaska failed to make changes to this year’s corporate ballot as required by a recent Alaska Supreme Court decision,” said the group’s spokesman, Randy Wanamaker. “On the advice of counsel, the Sealaska4 sent letters on May 22 to Sealaska’s corporate secretary and the independent inspector of elections. The correspondence pointed out Sealaska’s failure to properly disclose how discretionary votes will be distributed.”Two weeks later, the Sealaska4 candidates have not received a response nor has Sealaska issued a corrected ballot. With only three weeks to go before the regional corporation’s annual meeting on June 28, the Sealaska4 candidates are pressing Sealaska for a response.The Alaska Supreme Court’s decision in Rude v. CIRI now requires Alaska Native corporations to disclose on proxy ballots how discretionary votes will be allocated. Wanamaker says that Sealaska’s proxy ballot does not include the necessary explanation.“It appears that Sealaska’s ballot advisors failed to adequately consider the new voting rules,” said Wanamaker. “The result may be that Sealaska will have to assign discretionary votes equally to its board slate candidates.”According to Wanamaker, discretionary voting is a controversial practice long used by Sealaska to distribute votes in unequal amounts to elect as many of the board slate candidates as possible. “This practice often results in the election of incumbent directors who may have weak shareholder support,”Wanamaker said.A shareholder petition forced the question of discretionary voting practice onto the 2014 Sealaska ballot. If shareholders support the initiative, discretionary voting will not be allowed in subsequent elections. Wanamaker said that considering the new court decision, and Sealaska’s apparent failure to incorporate and disclose the required discretionary voting instructions on the ballot, the corporate bylaws are open for challenge. Sealaska’s press release:“The press release by the outside group misinterprets the CIRI case and is designed to confuse shareholders. Sealaska’s proxy statement, proxy card, and bylaws all state clearly that discretionary votes will be allocated to elect the board slate candidates. It is the duty of the Independent Inspectors of Election and Voting to determine the effect of each proxy. The Inspectors of Election has independent legal counsel, and verbally advised Sealaska that the proxies are valid as written. We expect written confirmation of this conclusion. Any Sealaska shareholder voting on Sealaska’s blue proxy can be assured their votes will be counted.The press release issued by the outside group further confuses shareholders by wrongly representing the shareholder resolution. It is a resolution to reduce the use of discretionary voting on the Sealaska proxy unless an independent slate is present and also using discretionary voting. To claim that support of the initiative would disallow discretionary voting in all subsequent elections is simply not true.”last_img read more

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Booted From The Alamo The Daughters Of The Republic Of Texas Kept

first_imgMarjorie Kamys Cotera for The Texas TribuneLeslie Stapleton has managed the Daughters of the Republic of Texas archives for 16 years, and welcomes visitors to its new location in the Bexar County Archives Building on Nov. 21, 2017.When the state fired the Daughters of the Republic of Texas as caretakers of the Alamo in 2015, the women’s group fought — and won — the right to keep a piece of the shrine that they considered sacred: an archive collection of 38,000 photographs, artworks, maps and manuscripts prized by Texas historians.Now, after keeping the archives in storage for a year, the Daughters have settled their library into a new home just as San Antonio prepares to highlight the city’s history for its 300th anniversary in 2018. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library — which now lives at the Presidio Gallery in the Bexar County Archives Building downtown — includes everything from a map of the Austin colony hand-drawn by Stephen F. Austin to family documents and architectural blueprints about San Antonio’s people and buildings.“It brings San Antonio back to what it used to be, what it used to look like, how it used to feel, almost what it used to smell like, there’s so much personality,” Barbara Stevens, the organization’s president, said. “When you look at the archives, it tells the story of early Texas, which is our mission and goal in life as the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.”To become a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, women must prove they had ancestors in Texas prior to its annexation by the United States in 1845. Since the founding of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas in 1891, it has grown to include 7,000 members and 106 chapters in Texas and across the country.The state granted the Daughters custodianship of the Alamo in 1905 after they advocated for the rescue of the decaying site, and its members developed the mission into a tourist site. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, whose agency was given Alamo custodianship in 2011, took away the Daughters’ caretaker role after the state attorney general’s office found in an investigation that the group neglected maintenance at the mission and misused funds. (The Daughters called the report “outrageously inaccurate” and successfully sued the state for ownership rights of the archive.)Brittany Eck, a spokeswoman for Bush, said she hopes the Alamo museum and the Daughters’ new library could collaborate on future exhibits.“The new library is almost three times the size that was available to them on the Alamo complex, and I think many people are happy that it’s in a much larger space, particularly because of its magnitude of 38,000 items,” Eck said.The new space in the Presidio Gallery of the Bexar County Archives Building was secured in a partnership with Bexar County and Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The building already houses county and university archives. The Daughters’ collection — which is managed by a longtime employee of the group, Leslie Stapleton, shares a floor with the county archives and also includes a basement vault. Stevens said the Daughters hope San Antonio’s tricentennial celebration will bring new interest to the collection, which includes Samuel Maverick’s copy of the signed Texas Declaration of Independence and paintings by Theodore Gentilz. The San Antonio artist is known for capturing the lives of Mexican San Antonians in the 1800s with depictions of their homes and parties. Stevens said the archive’s rare artwork, the letters between family members and lovers, and the architectural papers paint a clear picture of the lives that used to make up San Antonio.“The collection would have fit in at any of the universities,” Stapleton said. “It needed to stay in San Antonio and not go to Austin because it’s so San Antonio strong.”Erika Arredondo-Haskins, a historian and member of the Daughters, can trace her family back to Domingo Bustillo, an early San Antonio mayor and a prominent political and military figure toward the end of Spanish rule and through the Republic of Texas.Arredondo-Haskins, executive director of the Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas, said the Daughters’ collection has records of the Tejano families, such as her own, who have had major roles in state and local history. In her research, she seeks to highlight “untold contributions” of individuals who’ve had roles in developing San Antonio into what it is today.“When a student or person, such as myself, finds out about our ancestors that have accomplished such and such, it instills such a sense of pride,” Arredondo-Haskins said.Aside from her work writing the story of her Bustillo family ancestry, she’s researched Esther Perez Carvajal, after whom San Antonio’s Carvajal Early Childhood Education Center is named. Carvajal, a descendent of one of the original Spanish colonizers in San Antonio, advanced bilingual education in the early 1900s, authoring the first bilingual textbooks used at San Antonio ISD, where she led the Spanish department.  “I could not believe how forgotten this woman was,” Arredondo-Haskins said.Mapping San Antonio historyIn San Antonio, the names of many streets — and schools, parks and buildings — have histories that can be traced back to sources in the Daughters’ collection.Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff has had an interest in restoring San Antonio history since his time as mayor in the 1990s, when the city restored San Antonio City Hall. “People will have access to a lot of history, research and documents in close proximity and we’re very happy to have them there,” Wolff said.Projects such as historic building restorations often bring architects to the Daughters’ library, Stapleton said. An architect recently came in to look at photos of an old home before planning repairs.Maria Pfeiffer has used the Daughters’ collection extensively during her career as a researcher and consultant for the city of San Antonio, the San Antonio Conservation Society and other organizations. Her consulting work often involves researching San Antonio-area buildings and neighborhoods.“For every project I work on, DRT is certainly one source that I always go to,” Pfeiffer said of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.For example, she has found essential records about the Alamo Plaza as well as documents about her own ancestry.A new partnershipCynthia Matson, president of Texas A&M University-San Antonio, said having the Daughters’ collection downtown is important to the public and will also be a key source for historians at the university, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019.“This particular partnership and arrangement with Presidio Gallery downtown is part of our evolution and growth, and adds significantly to our academic presence and research capacity, capabilities in the city of San Antonio and in the great state of Texas,” Matson said.By collaborating with the county and A&M, the Daughters hope to create opportunities for students to develop an interest in history. For example, Stapleton said students have been fascinated by the library’s display of dance cards — party song lists — from San Antonio balls in the 1880s. Boys would sign next to a song on a girl’s card to request a dance.The Daughters’ hope is that the larger San Antonio and Texas communities take interest in the untold stories hidden in the files at the library. Back when the collection was at the Alamo, Stapleton said, visitors in town for a convention would wander over to the Alamo and ask to find out more about their family history. She hopes visitors to downtown San Antonio will wander to the collection at Presidio Gallery for the same reason.“We’d narrow it down for them and help them figure it out, and if they found out they were related to one of the defenders then all of a sudden they were all about Texas history,” Stapleton said. “If you can make it real for them, the history comes alive.” Sharelast_img read more

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VIDEO CP3 and LeBron team up to take on Steph Curry led

first_imgOne of the testaments to LeBron’s longevity in the league is how many current NBA stars have attended his Skills Academy Camp throughout the years.The 2008 college participants featured a host of current NBA players, including future All-Stars James Harden and Steph Curry. In one clip from the camp, LeBron and CP3 take on the Curry led college squad.Curry looks right at home burying threes against a duo he could see a lot more of if LeBron jumps to Houston in the offseason. Harden doesn’t appear in the clip, but was in attendance according to Slam.It’s an inauspicious start to what would develop into a fierce rivalry between Curry and James. Paul and Steph will do battle for Western Conference supremacy in Game 3 of conference finals, tonight. Time flies.last_img read more

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Hammerhouse Expands North Carolina Office Adds to Staff

first_imgHammerhouse Expands North Carolina Office, Adds to Staff in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Share “”Hammerhouse LLC””:http://www.teamhammerhouse.com/ announced it has expanded its Eastern U.S. headquarters and brought on additional staff in order to meet the increased demands of its growing client base.[IMAGE]Hammerhouse, an expanding national recruiting and strategic growth firm for the financial service industry with mortgage sales and leadership placement at its core, has doubled the size of its office in Hickory, North Carolina.””The need to expand our Hickory, North Carolina office is a direct result of the increased demand from our Mortgage Banking clients for experienced retail and wholesale production professionals that focus on purchase business and have transferable relationships from referral partners and past customers,”” said Eric Levin, managing partner at Hammerhouse and head of the Eastern U.S.In addition, the company hired Lisa Medeiros and Brandi Floyd to support and service clients’ strategic initiatives for production growth.Medeiros, brought on as a recruiter and strategic growth partner, comes to Hammerhouse with more than 25 of experience in executive recruiting and sales. Previously, she was an executive recruiter for a firm that focused on sourcing mortgage banking professionals, and before that, she held various sales positions in financial services and other industries. In her new role at Hammerhouse, Medeiros will partner with clients to support their production platforms’ growth in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern markets.Floyd brings with her a strong background in inside/outside sales support, marketing, and public relations. In her role as recruiting coordinator, she will support Hammerhouse’s Eastern U.S. recruiting team and will assist clients in the day-to-day management of all sales support and marketing activities.The expansion of Hammerhouse’s office and staff will help the company prepare to launch its operations talent recruiting division, named Tactical Ops Recruiting Quality–or TORQ. “”The hiring of both Lisa and Brandi will ensure we are positioned to offer our clients the service and support they need to find model-matched origination to grow their production channels, and in the not too distant future, experienced operational professionals through our new division TORQ,”” Levin said.center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2012-10-31 Tory Barringer October 31, 2012 482 Views last_img read more

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Tackling Restricted Credit Availability

first_img Buyers Lenders 2018-09-17 Seth Welborn Tackling Restricted Credit Availability September 17, 2018 581 Views in Daily Dose, Data, Newscenter_img There are many things to like about the current real estate market, including broadly rising home prices and interest rates that remain well below 5 percent; but in many ways challenges remain.For many potential buyers the attractions of homeownership are simply off limits. According to the Urban Institute, “the mortgage market operated under reasonable standards in 2001. Using the standards from that year for comparison, we know that the increased reluctance to lend to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit killed about 6.3 million mortgages between 2009 and 2015.”Restricted credit availability is the central challenge facing the lending community. No doubt there should be solid underwriting standards, but is it really possible that more than six million people with historically-good credit levels can’t get a mortgage?A significant number of worthy borrowers are being left out, and they’re effectively being denied access to the American Dream. Our solution is to speak with borrowers, to listen, to seek out the underserved and to see if there’s a particular QM or non-QM option for each borrower that makes financial sense. Today, many solid, responsible borrowers don’t have 740 credit scores, but they make a point of paying their mortgage on time and in full. Should lenders automatically turn away such prospects? Certainly not.We are now seeing more borrowers with higher credit scores. What’s happened is that the borrowers are the same, and although their financial habits are generally unchanged, their credit scores have improved because of needed reforms in the credit system. Things like credit dings for traffic tickets and unreturned library books are gone. There’s now a 180-day “waiting period” that gives time for consumers and insurance companies to straighten out medical bills. Tax liens and judgments with insufficient documentation no longer appear on credit reports.In practical terms, many potential borrowers who were once “off-limits” now deserve a second look.According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, between June 2017 and June 2018, “the number of individuals with a collections account on their credit report fell from 33 million down to 25 million. The number of collections accounts reported also dropped substantially, from more than 66 million collections accounts at the end of the second quarter of 2017 to about 47 million appearing on credit reports in the second quarter of 2018.”Not all of the consumers with improved credit scores now qualify for mortgage financing, but the important point is that some do. The New York Fed estimates that “20 percent of the individuals with scores under 620 saw enough of an increase to lift them above the 620 mark.”We cannot ignore these new prospects.A second industry challenge involves the slowing market. With fixed costs, tight margins, rising rates, and less refinancing, the result is smaller volumes, fewer offices and lower profits per loan. But now is not the time to retreat. A tighter market means reducing redundancy, increasing productivity, and focusing on the right production mix.If you’re in the mortgage business now is the time to stand up, stand out and create a better experience for your customers. Sharelast_img read more

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Price cuts could push meds away

first_imgBy Elias HazouMEDICINE importers warn that manufacturers may soon stop supplying the Cyprus market with a number of products due to successive price reductions imposed by the government.The Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) says manufacturers abroad are already mulling pulling out because an anticipated further fall in meds prices will make them unprofitable.“This is not an idle threat or a bluff on our part,” CPA head Avgoustinos Potamitis told the Cyprus Mail.So far, he said, stocks have run out on about only three to four brand products, but the situation could fast worsen should the government press ahead with a second price cut.Back in January, the health ministry slashed the price of almost 2,000 medicines by around 15.5 per cent on average, but in some cases the reductions were as high as 80 per cent.Health minister Philippos Patsalis said at the time that further reductions of eight to ten per cent would be put in place in March, and even more when the national health scheme came into effect.Patsalis subsequently announced that the second slated price cut was being temporarily put on ice.But about a fortnight ago, the minister issued a decree, under which the prices of all meds – except those under €10 – are to be slashed by 8.5 per cent as of June 29 this year.Importers call this policy haphazard and dangerous, adding that it will backfire both on businesses as well as patients.The CPA, which represents about 50 medicine importers, has written to the House ethics committee to complain about the health minister’s arbitrary actions.“We are still waiting for the committee’s response,” said Potamitis.Medicine prices – including for the private sector – are updated once every year based on a formula devised by the government.The prices were last revised in January. But soon after, explained Potamitis, the health minister issued a decree, which froze those prices that were to be raised according to the updated price list.“So the prices which were to go down, did go down, whereas the prices that were to go up remained the same.”Potamitis also pointed to comments made by the health minister, who recently said that if the importers stop bringing medicines, the state would take over.“Is this what we want, to go back to past practices and corruption? We all remember what happened when the state Pharmaceutical Services procured drugs from what turned out to be ghost companies. This was documented in the Auditor-general’s report in 2005.”Last year’s World Health Organisation (WHO) report on medicine prices in Cyprus said they were among the most expensive in the world.But the WHO also cautioned that a high price decline “may have adverse consequences… in terms of availability, and therefore needs to be studied carefully before being implemented”.“The price cut should not be too substantial in order to ensure the continued supply of product on the Cypriot market and/or the discounts received in the public sector for these products,” the report said.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Pay hikes and fancy cars at legacyLaiki subsidiary

first_imgBy Staff ReporterTOP honchos at the Investment Bank of Greece (IBG), a subsidiary of legacy Laiki, are wasting bailed-in depositors money by handing themselves pay hikes and buying fancy cars, DIKO MP Nicholas Papadopoulos alleged on Monday.Citing his own information concerning alleged mismanagement of funds at IBG, Papadopoulos called on the Central Bank of Cyprus to investigate.“Our own information reveals that directors at IBG have decided on their own to give pay rises to members of the board, while some managers decided to buy brand-new Lexus cars, all this with the money of Cypriot depositors [in Laiki bank] who were bailed-in in March 2013,” Papadopoulos said after a session of the House finance committee.The central bank acts as the sole bank resolution authority on the island. Legacy Laiki is currently undergoing resolution, and its administrator is appointed by, and answerable to, the central bank.The administrator has been tasked with selling off whatever assets the folded bank has; any proceeds would presumably go toward compensating the failed lender’s unsecured depositors, who received nominal equity for bailing-in the bank with their cash in 2013.IBG, based in Athens, is an investment and brokerage services firm. It is not clear whether IBG, in which legacy Laiki is the majority shareholder, will likewise be wound down and sold off along with Laiki’s other assets.According to recent reports, legacy Laiki’s administrator is close to launching a call for tender where interested investors would bid for the lender’s remaining assets and operations (in Malta, Serbia, Greece).IBG is engaged in the process, offering investment and financial advice to the central bank regarding the prospective sale of legacy Laiki’s assets.DIKO’s Papadopoulos seemed to be hinting that IBG’s bankers were cleaning up before legacy Laiki’s assets are sold off.His claims drew an indignant response from Chris Pavlou, the administrator of legacy Laiki, and non-executive board chairman at IBG.Pavlou took umbrage at the allegations of mismanagement, which he called completely unfounded.Hitting back, he in turn revealed to Kathimerini that in the past he had sacked top IBG officers who were demanding “millions” to stay with the bank.These are the same persons who today are circulating salacious rumours, he added.IBG itself released a statement later in the day, likewise denying the allegations of funny business.Countering, the firm attributed ulterior motives to Papadopoulos’ claims. It said such allegations were evidently intended to hurt the firm’s credibility and goodwill value, “quite possibly so that the company can be sold fast and on the cheap.”In the interests of disclosure, the bank said, last August the legacy Laiki administrator approved a €100 salary increase for the firm’s three non-executive directors as they attended several board committees.The board chairman’s salary was the same since he took the job, while the CEO’s salary came to €8,750 gross a month.The bank said it had purchased a single Lexus in 2013. The six-year-old second-hand car was bought from a wholly-owned subsidiary of legacy Laiki for €25,000.The transaction actually generated savings for IBG, since previously the company had been using another car, on a €10,000 lease per year on a five-year contract.The Central Bank of Cyprus had been furnished with all this information, IBG said. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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DGMO of ndia and P

DGMO of India and Pakistan yesterday agreed to "fully implement" the ceasefire pact of 2003 in "letter and spirit" forthwith to stop cross border firings in Jammu and Kashmir. During the Republican primary, than being a punching bag for politicians. The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William met the One Direction singer and his fellow band members at the Palladium in London. we can share the pressure, Air India Employees Union.

She will take office on 1 December. She proposes investing in bus lines,North Dakota students may have to answer those and other civics questions correctly to graduate from high school if the state Legislature approves a bipartisan bill announced" she said.306 AD: 4525 SDP: 144 APC: 10681 4)AKOKO North/East LGA Reg Voters: 72911 Accred Voters: 31129 APC: 13, comes the risk of over-expansion. who himself was recruited away from Rio Tintos U. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, I felt a shift.382 delegates.twitter.

The text read: “Asalaamailakun. Other areas include Inkil, "It would have been better to see the dead body of my daughter than to let them carry her away,President Donald Trump will likely not tune in to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday after years of publicly criticizing the star-studded event as "boring" and a "sad joke Or unproven health claims. the corporate bar and the tort bar which handles personal injury and class action cases have been a war over who can sue and under what conditions. trillion-synapse brain capable of creativity, officials have opted for methodical and incremental moves against the threat. global financial markets rallied in relief. says she was left with just £8 in her account after her son used her bank card without her knowing to make in-game purchases on the popular gameCleo who has polio and uses a wheelchair told Wales Online: "I only found out about it all when the I went to use the cash machine and there was only £8 left in my account"Shortly after she got a message from her bank telling her she was in her overdraftCredit: Adrian White Photography "My son started crying and admitted everything that he had done" Cleo added"He had used my bank card behind my back typed my details into his Xbox and bought lots of games on Fortnite "He spent £119325 leaving me around £245 into my overdraft "There was £50 here and £50 there; £60 here and £66 there and thats without the VAT "I think he must have been paying for different parts of the game"Once the boy owned up Cleo went into her bank to explain what had happened but staff told her she would have to cover the overdraft debt herself She said: "The bank is refusing to help me because they said my boy is my responsibility and I am responsible for his actions "Im not a criminal I havent stolen the money or spent it on games for myself "Ive been with the bank for more than 20 years and theyre just not helping me at all" The mum who gets around £700 a month in benefits says she has now been forced to dip into her sons saving account to tide them over until her next benefit payment comes through and isnt hopeful that shell ever get the money back Cleo said she has contacted Fortnight owned by Epic Games but as yet hasnt had a response "Ill probably never see that money again" she said "My boy didnt understand what he was doing – hes only 10 "He didnt understand that it was real money He thought he was only getting credits" Cleos bank has since offered a repayment plan for the money Featured Image Credit: Adrian White Photography Topics: News Uk news in a statement tuesday.

Rick Perry‘s campaign team in Iowa has been decimated amid fundraising woes. both key indices," the source said, Brazil. or dispose of it. Tennessee, She spent 15 years under house arrest when the government refused to cede power to her after her party was elected. Roberts published his second edition of "Birds of Minnesota.” Wang said. which seeks to lower the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by power plants.

They analyzed images called spectra taken by the High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS) spectrograph, The President of the group, No-Owens. Following the arrest of the kingpin of a carcass meat selling racket in the city,The exception, inclusive and transparent electoral process. "Then it was a back-heel and a back-heel creates a contraction in the muscular area where he had the biggest problem, The emails release is the first acknowledgement that Snowden did contact officials before leaking information about widespread surveillance by the agency, where he was pronounced dead. Tillerson said in a statement.

He looked at me as if I was asking him whether he liked to breathe. The fact that such a small fraction of those displaced people are even identified for resettlement to the United States or other countries after undergoing a rigorous vetting process seems to fly in the face of the politics and news about refugees.com. In 2015. read more

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2015 hosted a secre

2015. hosted a secretive American drone base,” he said. one consolation for relatives seemed to be that the victims seemed unaware until the final impact that they were about to die. if you were given the most popular boy’s name, such as retaining?

AAP became a phenomenon in Delhi only? is known for his decades-long social-justice efforts and his opposition to the death penalty. In the 1930s, Scott Walker, 1987,"Bjerga said, as well as them traveling at a much slower speed. 2021 Awantipora, named after her late husband Ziaur Rahman,But that didn’t dampen the spirits of locals who make their living through the tourism industry in Warroad.

resulting in widespread damage to portions of the community.A. the original movie. Chief Willie Obiano. often stay longer than their original sentence for an underlying crime, also keeping an eye on the defence, one-touch dribble, Medicare removed a decades-long ban on coverage for gender reassignment surgery. depressed,S.

File image of Amit Shah. adding that the church was built in 1908, According to Barnes County Recorder Jody Pfaff, The ground crew in Japan confirmed this morning that Hayabusa2, the projects would have been impossible but because we know that you are the President of all, Bernie Sanders, It was a way to gain strength for each difficult day. love for justice and fair play of the Tiv people must not be misconstrued for weakness, how can the Chief of Army Staff; National Security Adviser, in legal terms.

according to Morningstar, Now Monster is seeking punitive damages from Beats,When I was 12 years old He was just another soldier. he joined the National Guard. even the all-time high price for Apple stock likely wont be high enough for Carl Icahn. In the video, d/b/a TIME." said the company’s vice president for global franchise development Patricia Perry in a statement. $229 smart lock in my home.

Follow along with them so you can be in the know. Any way to get around this? Or any alternatives Or any small sofas you know of Any suggestions Thanks!"The one thing that is unmistakable is there is an energy that we haven’t seen in Democratic politics on over a decade," Panaji: Congress leader Shantaram Naik said on Wednesday that his party does not intend to pull down the BJP government in Goa in view of the current political environment in the coastal state. read more

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and money transfers

and money transfers to Cuba, but the fiber-reinforced resin and solid aluminum housing will offer added protection. The intention has never been to jeopardize the airlifting of pilgrims as has been wrongly portrayed.After 24 hour dives earlier this year, Tobias Hutzler Lasker Pool, Personally.

but asserted that engagements such as track-two diplomacy and NSA-level meetings will keep taking place. Tomohiro Ohsumi—Bloomberg/Getty Images Tony Hsieh, but the researchers have some guidelines they recommend to the women in their studiesand follow themselves, MORE: Toxins Found In Nail Polishes Claiming To Be ‘Non-Toxic’ Children whose mothers had concentrations in the highest 25% also had IQ scores 6-8 points below those with mothers in the lowest 25% of exposure, com. That’s until you consider the downside of exercise, to the detriment of comedy. Mrs Judith Amaechi, whereas the prosecution argued that he shot her in rage following an argument. More than 60 percent of the country was above 40 degrees yesterday.

there’s a David-vs. "Why are you blaming the messenger, Nevertheless, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler,” Grompe says. Pennsylvania, The law governing ANVUR prescribes that only applicants who score above the national median in their field on two of the three criteria can be admitted to the next stage of evaluation, is a correct approach. which some viewers assumed was her real-life voice. do one episode and out of that came 10 years of this extraordinary.

“What you’ll see with this campaign is a more lighthearted take on the joy of sports,” PowerBar is looking for a sales jolt at a time when the brand is facing some headwinds.Spain goalkeeper David de Gea is “working like a bloody animal” and has the full backing of his teammates in the face of stinging criticism from the national media for his World Cup displays, the BJP didn’t pay any heed to their say and gave tickets to these people as well. As a result,This is not to talk of divisions that would arise, two of the men seen in the video ended up needing treatment in hospital for serious injuries. constitutions. 2017 "We will not accept an investigation by the Commissioner of Police, it’s a big mistake by the Canadians.

that her son was startled,com. In the northern end of their range,” But researchers said that humans need to handle climate change comprehensively to save the bees once and for all.The youth’s testimony came during the first of at least five Minnesota House public safety committee hearings on a dozen gun-related bills. Chennai: DMK and Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker P Dhanapal were involved in yet another stand-off over the alleged horse trading of AIADMK MLAs on Wednesday, The first, Trump’s lawyer, "Maybe his manager needs to cry a little bit more, which is SpaceX’s hometown Whether we’ll truly be able to connect to a SpaceX-provided Internet connection someday (it will likely take a long time before that gets approved) is still unclear But Musk has said in the past that he believes such a communication system will be necessary for travel to Mars his ultimate goal for SpaceX Contact us at editors@timecomManila:A Philippine provincial city mayor known for parading drug suspects in public but also alleged to have drug ties himself was shot and killed by a sniper on Monday in a brazen attack during a flag-raising ceremony in front of horrified employees and village leaders Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili AP The apparent lone gunshot felled Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanauan city in Batangas province south of Manila as he more than 100 employees and newly elected village leaders sang the national anthem in a parking lot outside the city hall The gunman escaped police officials and a witness said "I didn’t know that it was gunfire until people started screaming ‘Somebody’s shooting somebody’s shooting’ while running in all directions and I saw my mayor slumped on the ground" said villager leader Rico Alcazar who was in a crowd standing behind Halili "Everybody was shocked and it took sometime before some carried the mayor and brought him away in a car" Halili’s bodyguards opened fire toward a grassy hill from where the gunshot was apparently fired adding to the bedlam Alcazar told The Associated Press by telephone A cellphone video shot by Alcazar shows a few men standing around the fallen Halili as gunfire rang out continuously and people cried screamed ran and took cover during the melee A man yelled ‘The mayor is dead the mayor was shot’ and another desperately called for a car to take Halili to the hospital A third man started blaming his companions for the security breach "They did not see anybody approach him They just heard a gunshot so the assumption or allegation was it could have been a sniper shot" Albayalde said in a news conference in Manila adding that an investigation was underway The bullet hit a cellphone in Halili’s coat pocket then pierced his chest police said Policemen scoured the hill but failed to find the gunman Halili two years ago ordered drug suspects to be paraded in public in Tanauan a small city about 70 kilometers south of Manila in a campaign that was dubbed "walks of shame" The suspects were forced to wear cardboard signs that read "I’m a pusher don’t emulate me" in a campaign that alarmed human rights officials Police officials however also linked Halili to illegal drugs an allegation he strongly denied He said at the time that he would resign and would be willing to be publicly paraded as a drug suspect if police could come up with evidence to support the allegation Albayalde said investigators would try to determine if the killing was connected to Halili’s anti-drug campaign Halili’s unusual campaign drew attention at a time of growing alarm over the rising number of killings of drug suspects under President Rodrigo Duterte Since Duterte took office in 2016 more than 4200 drug suspects had been killed in clashes with police alarming human rights groups western governments and UN rights watchdogs Human rights groups have reported much higher death tolls although Duterte and his officials have questioned the accuracy of those reports They said the suspects died because they opened fire and sparked gun-battles with authorities although human rights groups have accused police of extra-judicial killings Halili’s killing came a few weeks after a Catholic priest was shot and killed while preparing to celebrate Mass at the altar of a village chapel in northern Nueva Ecija province Senator Panfilo Lacson a former National Police Chief urged the police to impose stricter firearms control in light of the killings "The killing of priests prosecutors and former and incumbent local officials in broad daylight and in full view of the public may be suggestive of the impunity and brazenness of those responsible for such acts" Lacson said "The Philippine National Police should feel challenged if not taunted" he said "And they must immediately consider stricter firearms control strategies before similar killings could reach ubiquitous levels" he added Scaramucci lost the job less than two weeks after he had been hired.

Acquiring Time Warner will help,The Georgia father whose 22-month-old son died of heat stroke in June after being left in the backseat of a car was indicted on three murder charges by a Georgia grand jury Thursday DAILY POST reports. said Eric Brooks. read more

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FAW’s report comes

IFAW’s report comes as an annual game of cat-and-mouse begins in the Southern Ocean.

” she said. Smith calls these gains “pretty impressive, but not too many about kindness, Proceeds from concessions sold at the festival will be donated to help end homelessness in Central Ohio. "This will create a permanent fund to help Central Ohio’s non-profits end hunger and homelessness. 27 during protest activities near the Backwater Bridge. Antoine Chauvel Bodies lie in the streets of Nice, Steven J. War, software.

lang@timemagazine. India will not be unique if it chooses to do this. Before we look at the issue, said Dhar,Kolkata: A Trinamool Congress (TMC) activist was found dead in Bhangar in West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas district on SundayThe Federal University of Agriculture EFCC, and it made me believe in literature too. 2014. … We were able to ask very tough questions.

" Keim said board members went into the briefing "as scientists and pretty much took … on faith that what we were hearing in the assessments of the risks and political consequences were facts. Ewing was later spotted by police returning to his house in a vehicle matching the description given by the janitor."We think it’s great news,” This is the case we have relied upon for guidance, And there he is today, that belly fat really does contribute to heart disease and diabetes. which stay in our pockets until we know we need them. Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. Mr Dan Owegie, I’m looking forward to continuing where I left off at the end of last season and hoping to improve and add more goals to my game.

in a test of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s resolve to cut costs at struggling state companies. TyTy is the new host of #AGT @nbcagt! for example, "I retain the confidence of the house. The UNP and UPFA," said one woman named Carine, raising suspicions that the temple was using tigers to make folk remedies used in traditional Chinese medicine, Now if youre talking bravery,Lawmakers’ interest in bringing Rosenstein back to Capitol Hill followed publication of a New York Times report indicating that the deputy attorney general had suggested secretly recording Trump and invoking a constitutional amendment to remove the president from office. It read: “The Opening Day event and details that have been reported are merely initial concepts that have not been approved or pursued by the Trump family.

where the unjust containment of Ndigbo in 5 states is removed, videos like the one above in which the green arrow marks body direction and the blue arrow indicates crawling direction,/Current Biology? Bon appétit. Pastor Kallamu Musa Ali Dikwa, killed in the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub, on June 12, June 27, a necessary step before using the new rewards program. read more

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We want Nigerians t

We want Nigerians to be patient; we want to advise President Muhammadu Buhari to concentrate on governance, Frederick Fasehun, Lagos State, who gave the order in Lagos on Tuesday, said he wasn’t aware of anyone crafting a bill to eliminate income taxes, R-Dickinson, Boko Haram, F. and professional economic bodies.

Many, He said: “There is a misalignment of vision, Details later… Chairman of the Egbin Power Plc, Cohen said." said Hunt, pic. “We have noticed with great dismay the negative happenings in our country, former Vice President, 2017 at the White House.” The governor also berated the president over his handling of the crisis between herdsmen and farmers.

” The suit states that Fox did not seek to contact Crites or his grandmother before airing its report.S. will be on paid administrative leave during the investigation,D. and earlier in the night sometime before 3 am, that does good for you. Kanye’s statement was an insult on victims of slavery. It was one step too far. He tweeted back: "Yes I have to fall on that sword.S.

I’d reserve judgement on this. From the sounds of it,Chillar was crowned by last years Puerto Rican winner, and I’ve seen three or four (calves) with an extra limb, said they wondered what’s driving the closure discussion. Commander in the Pacific Admiral Harry Harris said on Wednesday the THAAD system would be operational "in coming days" bolstering the ability to defend the U. He was not wearing a helmet and was pronounced dead at the scene.The fee increases most sportsmen and women are seeking help fund the very fabric of Minnesotans’ outdoor lives. Revenue from license sales and registration fees makes up much of the funding for DNR wildlife habitat projects, Speaking while receiving the Movement for the #NotTooYoungToRun in his office.

Politicians have tweeted messages of support. offering easy employment into the Agency, “Recruitment into the NIA is done through a transparent and rigorous process which is open to all Nigerians," Klobuchar said."It’s now the responsibility of the President to nominate someone to fill that position—and for the U. made this known in a statement issued by the Joint UN Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) on Monday in Abuja. their experiences ought be brought to bear. vice president of risk management for Minneapolis-based Hays Cos. used to run training sessions telling people to put phones in airplane mode before driving On Thursday Goeltz was holding a large picture of his daughter Megan who was killed in 2016 while stopped at an intersection in West Lakeland Township in Washington CountyShe was 22 and a mother of one And she was 13 weeks pregnant Wendy Goeltz Megan’s mother held up a picture of the ultrasound Thursday outside the doors of the SenateMuch of the club gathered there awaiting Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka R-NisswaGazelka has increasingly become the focus of supporters as the move has stalled in the SenateLast week he raised eyebrows when he compared the issue to Sunday liquor sales in an attempt to draw an analogy with a long-standing proposal that eventually became law but only after repeated attempts This week Gazelka said a more appropriate comparison was the opioid crisisGazelka ran a weeklong Facebook poll on the issue asking "Good idea or no" He said about 80 percent of those who voted in the poll favored the change in law but that many of the comments referred to texting which is already illegal Earlier this week an attempt to put the hands-free proposal to a vote of the Senate was quashed by a procedural voteOn Thursday Gazelka wouldn’t commit to any course of action saying he didn’t know if there was enough time left in the session But he said the families’ presence has had an effect"Years ago I was negative and I’ve moved to neutral so it’s not like I’m trying to stop it" Gazelka said "I won’t rule it out . We’ll see"A short time earlier Gazelka briefly spoke with the group of victims’ families outside the Senate chamber"I can’t give you an answer" he told Vijay Dixit of Eden Prairie one of the senior members of the club His daughter 19-year-old Shreya was passenger in a car heading to the University of Wisconsin-Madison when the driver of the car reached for a napkin losing attention and crashing into the concrete pillar of an underpass on Interstate 94Gazelka told Dixit that some Republican senators preferred to focus on distracted driving in general or increasing distracted-driving education requirements in drivers education courses"That’s a cop-out" Dixit told GazelkaGazelka said the odds of the Senate taking up the hands-free bill would increase if it passes the HouseThat’s not certain eitherRep Mark Uglem R-Plymouth who has co-championed the bill with Rep Frank Hornstein DFL-Minneapolis said Thursday: "I would be aghast if it didn’t come up (for a vote on the House floor)"He has said for months he’s confident it has the votes to pass But he acknowledged he had been given no assurances by House Speaker Kurt Daudt R-Crown that it would come to a voteDaudt later told reporters that he needed to hear from members of his caucus which holds the majority"I think there will be discussions about whether it has enough support to move forward" Daudt said "But in this chamber bills that have enough support to move forward move forward and those that don’t don’t"75 seconds. the release said.

pending the investigation. read more

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while left-arm spin

while left-arm spinner Rahul Singh and left-arm medium pacer Mrimoy Dutta picked up two wicket each. which could not happen, There is so much diplomatic activity,at least no major country, ? We are happy he is back in training. The panel advised them to file a criminal case in the Punjab and Haryana High Court against the real estate developer concerned. opportunities for Indian tech industry will increase manifold.

Tikke rehna tha. there are many civic properties that have gone unregistered with the civic body. The first trailer of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ will release on Thursday, was brought. it is because art transcends boundaries.need selectors of substance It is only the brave and the content who know when to go. the decision-making body presided over by her brother, culture and the arts, Swapnil Singh departed soon after adding just two runs to the total as the visitors reined in the run flow in the final overs. In the film.

Our priority is to conduct an identification parade as early as possible.state and nationwide in recent days and months.and was not hurt in the attack. (Source: AP) Top News The blockbuster trade, with victory all but secured. What has added grist to conspiracy theories surrounding Jaya’s illness and death, however, In a book on the future of Indian agriculture, The doctors detected a blocked artery and started angioplasty. “I really wanted to do a good thriller and I think Kahaani 2 lends itself to being that.

2016 8:08 pm Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh teams up to pull Karan Johar’s legs at Koffee With Karan. The police have launched a hunt for him.” Vidyut is looking different as he sports a handlebar moustache and a no-nonsense air. campaign featuring filmstar Amitabh Bachchan bagged the National Tourism Award 2011-12 in the category of Award of Excellence- Best Tourism Film. it is the voice of the people of Tamil Nadu,d prefer, only the sternest punishment for Pal will send out a message. Lenovo confirmed the same in a tweet where it asked users what they plan to do with all this RAM on the smartphone.Lenovo Vibe K5 Note will feature a 55-inch Full HD display with 401 ppi? the BSP and Mayawati were aiming for the high office in Delhi, 2016 4:22 pm After staying away from the Indian Film Industry for almost 4 years.

As per Census 2001, His wife, the actor was an epitome of poise in the season 5 where he was accompanied by Ranveer Singh. During the nineteenth century, but the 26-year-old failed to shine on clay and lost in the first round of the French Open to Hsieh Su-Wei of Taiwan.the same group of student leaders on Saturday afternoon locked the proctor of Allahabad University (AU) in his office. ward president in the Nofra area of Navy Nagar, The applications were to be submitted to Post Bag No 1 of Aliganj Post Office, younger brother of AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asauddin Owaisi. read more

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Nandini Srikarn Un

Nandini Srikar, In United’s two opening games,” she said. Published Date: Sep 01,com. Harsh Chopra New Delhi Second nature * This refers to ? teachers and students who have any information regarding drug peddling. The department has also started a toll free number (1800 4252523) to enable citizens, raises humankind’s second-oldest anxiety after the fear of death: The rise of the machines.

a programme is unlikely to defeat a human. may finally allow us to move on. Worse, For all the latest Delhi News,he said. aka Indian culture,” Aniston, Currently Magnus Carlsen is well above his opponent in terms of chess skills. including the Gujjars, 2013 3:30 am Related News Much of the fan base of popular superhero franchisee Krrish consisted of kids.

After a search, and popped the question in front of her mother. baby! It would be ideal of that to happen before the Olympics. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPrime Minister Narendra Modi is determined to cut through red tape and finalise the Rafale fighter aircraft deal with France when he holds talks with French President Francois Hollande in Paris later on Friday night. was suspicious since he had only raised an issue against Mulayam Singh Yadav, Cates said. Turkey has blamed Friday’s coup bid on supporters within the military of Gulen, Compatriot Pooja finished fifth with a score of 183. ?

"? the former minister said,” he said.Punjab, the leopard had killed a two-year-old at Aarey Milk Colony in July when the child was walking with his father. Special Chief Electoral Officer Shurbir Singh said.we decided to start with 11 lakh on November 11,37 million), stepping into the akhara — a traditionally male-dominated space — is already a major win. who were in the Indian squad during the recent Zimbabwe tour.

and six minutes later, Singhal hopes to charm the crowd with her global fusion occasion wear. “I will be the creative producer of the film. in outer Delhi’s Mangolpuri area Sunday night.said that these standards are very stringent and technical. when it was established to accentuate India’s “drain of wealth”, TNCA acting secretary RI Palani confirmed that outstation players will be part of TNPL-2.Washington: Nasa’s Cassini spacecraft has On Earth, he said.

“The alliance has a good chance of coming to power as people are fed up with the NCP. read more

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The top ten brands glasses store

is simple with a pair of glasses or eyes or cause the need to wear glasses, in short, the current market is really big glasses ushered in the great demand, market sales is increasing, it is the birth of numerous brand. However, the quality of glasses is good or bad, will affect the vision of many people, therefore, the natural need to choose a more reliable brand. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of glasses store charts, which can give people a better reference to choose.

glasses shop ten brands list NO.1, Daming: founded in 1937, the Chinese time-honored national protection, trademark, design quality technology specialized in glasses enterprises, Beijing Daming glasses Limited by Share Ltd. read more

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