Tianjin Binhai New Area explosion has caused 17 deaths

social safety accidents often cause great casualties and property losses, at the same time, usually have to beware of some social security incidents occurred, together with the large explosion is at midnight in Tianjin Binhai New Area wharf.

12, about 23:20, the international logistics center of Tianjin port area Ruihai company belongs to dangerous goods warehouse (private enterprises) explosion. Preliminary verification by the relevant units, the accident has caused 17 people were killed, 32 critically injured, the hospital was treated for observation and treatment of 283. 2 explosions occurred in the process of fire, resulting in some of the field personnel trapped, is still in full swing. Relevant person in charge has been controlled. read more

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Shop to ensure the spacious door

when it comes to the door spacious this key, many operators do not agree, after all, a lot of store design itself is not reasonable, if you want to let the door spacious, investment will be big. However, if the door is not spacious, there may be a variety of changes. One day morning, I went to the east of the county seat near the village of Wang command delivery, when coming back, far see Ruichun tobacco grocery store gathered in front of many people.

Ruichun and grocery store owner is a friend of mine, she felt their own shop in some remote location, less traffic, let her husband go to work in a large hotel in Shijiazhuang, usually only Ruichun boss at home shou shop. At that time, I would like to, this is probably the boss of the spring to gather popularity, shop in the new year to engage in any promotions. When I approached Ruichun and grocery store door, only to see another scene. read more

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Shanghai launched the first venture innovation coupons

now has become a pioneering social theme, and all are actively carry out a series of business activities, launched the first innovative and entrepreneurial activities in Shanghai City, Changning District volume, by a lot of people welcome.

9 17, Shanghai, Changning District science and Technology Committee Director Yang Dongsheng said that in support of innovation and entrepreneurship activities, Changning District will be issued in the first quarter of four pilot technology innovation coupons. Shanghai is different from the previous release support for small and medium enterprises use large R & D equipment innovation voucher, Changning science and technology innovation industry exchange coupons will be frequent features focusing on "Internet plus" enterprises, focus on supporting all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship. read more

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What are the errors in the operation of the glasses shop


said that every owner wants his shop can have more consumers, but in the actual operation of the process is easy to fall into some errors, leading to their own shop business affected. As operators, we naturally need to avoid these errors, so that the sales of the store will really get promoted. So, what are the errors in the operation of the optical shop?

misunderstanding: the potential customers to reject the door temperature changes fast

in the concept of many front-line staff and even some bosses in the potential customer needs and intentions are glasses but has not yet decided customer glasses. This part of the people tend to be aware of their potential customers very seriously, but unwittingly closed the door to more potential customers. read more

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The most profitable low-cost investment projects recommended

with the increase of people’s life, there are a lot of young people have chosen to start this road, then the low cost investment project is a lot of entrepreneurs to pursue a good project? Maybe you are still looking for a low-cost investment project the most profitable, but careful observation you will find that the recent boom in entrepreneurship, environmental protection project is fire up, low cost investment project the most profitable

recommended!The low cost of venture investment project read more

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How to deal with the relationship between managers and employees

as a manager, you need to have the appropriate experience and ability, how to become a qualified manager, you can look at the key management of three minutes. How to set goals, staff assessment, said the idea or talk feeling, is always the most love and the most painful charge, especially in recent years, a fresh career (someone called 80 or dubbed Strawberry generation) a higher proportion of the main pipe as management. Also the formation of a new challenge. Even those who have been in charge for many years are always in the contradiction of "interpersonal orientation" and "goal orientation", which are not easy to choose. read more

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What are the reasons for the failure of beauty salon partnership

with broad market space, you always choose to work for others, or their own career path, open their own different life? "Do not want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier," most technicians have a boss dream, the foundation is not thick enough? Choose a partner may be a good choice, but in fact because of failure of the venture partner Former friends become enemies with each other. case also see with partnership venture beyond count, what are the pit? What are the reasons for the failure of the beauty salon? read more

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Training school decoration design first know

now open a training school, the profit space is very large, so many businesses want to start a small scale school, but in the decoration and equipment procurement, is not very good. Today Xiaobian here to give you a unified look, I hope all of you to help.

A, the overall layout of

campus point confirmation, design layout plan of campus mainly in four parts, front room, office area, Restroom. Design must take into account the maximum use of space, the rationality of the layout of each region, the advantages of lighting ventilation, fire control to be qualified. read more

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Where to open a snack bar to make money

snack food market has been the most profitable projects, but also entrepreneurs are most willing to invest in the project, especially for the two or three tier cities such as Hefei, snack food and beverage franchise has been a lot of consumer support. So where is the snack food restaurant open business is hot? If you want to make their own food and beverage franchise store opened successfully, then in the location of the time to pay attention to skills!

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How to study the project of Hong Kong Style dessert shop

Hong Kong Style dessert shop, you need to pay attention to what matters? Many novice investors in the choice of brand items will have such questions. In fact, if you want to examine the accuracy of the choice of a suitable brand project, you can get a solid development, to learn how to choose the right brand project.

said Hong Kong Style dessert notes which topics, we first estimate how much money can be invested into the store. Note that this is a small note that it is very important, because there is an estimate of their own investment and join in the hearts of a bottom. read more

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Successfully opened a gift shop to identify which points


Chinese are very pay attention to etiquette, usually send small gifts is a very normal thing, but now because of competition, leading to the gift shop business is facing fierce competition, want a good face a lot of difficulties. So, if you want to open a gift shop, naturally also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry. So, the successful opening of a gift shop to recognize what?

location: wholesale business shop rent your 2-3 times

rent from the point of view, Guangzhou city wholesale shopping malls rent more expensive, up to 2-3 times the average retail outlets. If the shop in Onelink Plaza, low layer Pu price 1000-2000 yuan per square metre, 20 square meters stalls monthly rent is as high as 20 thousand -4 million; higher floors, relatively biased position, monthly rent to nearly 20 thousand yuan; and in the most expensive land around the train station plaza or choose square. A similar area of rent as long as 6000-10000 yuan per month. read more

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nvestment lamps should be how to site

many entrepreneurs have a very strong interest in Home Furnishing industry, if in fact you can select the appropriate business projects, grasp the correct and reasonable management skills, investment Home Furnishing industry still has great potential of development, of course, the choice of shops is the need to carefully consider what entrepreneurs.

lamps operating for comparison in the relevant industry, according to this characteristic, choose the operating area to grasp the following key:

the same industry concentrated areas, such as lighting market, building materials market, decorative materials city. More of these local lighting operators to passenger consumption is very clear, "shop city duolong" effect. read more

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Choose what kind of industry in the winter

cold winter coming, but people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is still the same, I believe that many people have this question, in the cold season, what is the best choice to invest in the industry? Entrepreneurial opportunities are often in our side, as long as the rest of the discovery, in a timely manner, to create a successful career is not a dream. Below, we will introduce suitable for the winter business, interested friends may wish to do a reference.

1, specialty umbrella shop

market analysis: just go to any shopping malls, there are counter selling umbrellas, rainy days carrying a bucket of umbrellas everywhere selling a lot of. However, the umbrella shop specializes in selling less inverted. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the umbrella is not only a function of rain. read more

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How to charge customers for payment

credit can be said that any of the current shops will encounter problems, bill on out easily, sometimes it is not easy to want to get back. So, in the face of bad credit customers, how to call? As the retail customers often encounter such things, but it’s not your fault, don’t need to speak with humble customers, but also can never be unceremoniously, a face does not give, otherwise, he might be not your customer. With my years of experience, I will distinguish between different customers, take a different approach, a few years down the effect is not bad. read more

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The new sales can invite customer taste

tobacco companies continue to launch new products, as a retail store owner, want to let new tobacco products better sales, also need to take certain strategy. Here, small advice, if you want to smoke to achieve better sales results, ask customers to taste, believe to be able to smoke sales is of great help.

whenever a new cigarette arrived, Xiao Song took the initiative to invite customers to taste, the taste at the same time, Xiao Song also prepared some small gifts, such as a lighter, a ballpoint pen and so on, to buy new cigarette customers, customers feel little Song Dafang, naturally feel shy to refuse his recommendation and passion. read more

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What are the prospects for leisure food

join the investment need to choose a good product items, casual food is a lot of friends like food, if you join this project, it will get a good return. So, snack food to join, what kind of prospects? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

leisure food market:

talked about the food industry, many of us will think this is the industry’s profit is very low, some people will think this is not a good money making industry. What are the prospects for snack foods? Because the price of food is not high, so the margin is very low. In fact, experts know that food is a fast-moving consumer goods industry. Although a single price is not as good as we know some of the luxury goods, or is high, but for each individual is able to achieve and meet a thing. Inside the mall is the highest degree of access. read more

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