How to deal with daytime fatigue

tired on the rest, in the working hours, tired can not just rest oh. Today, some of the staff reflect the snack shop, feeling tired during the day often feel, the whole person is soft, no effort, no more sleep at night to ease…… If the shop staff have been complaining about a similar situation, then sweep the light snack food store owners also need to pay attention to the mental and physical condition of the staff.

and the vast majority of human cognition is different, in fact is not cold to sneezing and runny as symptoms. There are some flu virus early will appear fever and sleepiness, the latter will start with "traditional" cold runny nose. read more

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Longgang youth Chen Xiaode for grassroots customers to create a fertile land reclamation

good business facilities can help more entrepreneurs in Longgang, Chen Xiaode is such a youth, not only in the creation of their own value of life, the more numerous the grassroots hit off a piece of fertile ground for entrepreneurship.

in the concrete jungle in Longgang District of Henggang subway station on the side of the big city in the public record space quietly hiding in a five storey building, quiet atmosphere exudes elegant and refreshing.

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Zhangshu City, Yichun, the establishment of a sound loan mechanism to promote the development of ent

for the current number of entrepreneurs, what is the biggest problem? Some people may be because they do not know how to start a business, some people may not have a good entrepreneurial projects, but all of this if there is no adequate venture capital is an interview, so that the venture capital will be even greater problems. To this end, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi, established a sound loan mechanism, so as to provide greater protection for the development of local entrepreneurship.

employment is the livelihood of the people, entrepreneurship is the source of employment. Zhangshu City Employment Bureau to further promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to total loans to support entrepreneurship to employment as an important lever of national entrepreneurship, to help more entrepreneurial a person of noble aspirations to go on the road to success. read more

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Worth a look at hi shop business ideas

got married to organize a lot of things, for example to many small things to buy the lot, here to recommend the hi shop, called hi shop, is selling wedding supplies shop, now in the market has a rapid development, has brought a lot of entrepreneurial choice for the rich who. In this article, Xiao Bian will introduce you hi shop business ideas, if you intend to do business in this regard, we look at it!

one: Hi shop how to operate? In the business process of hi shop, if the energy can be considered part of the increase of customized products, which will increase the range of products can also be spread joy, because the increase in services, attract some customers, the wedding supplies personalized custom most are printed using the printer, but need to operate from the website customization some fashionable template, another part of gifts customized tools or equipment is not high, in general a few hundred dollars or thousands of yuan, can gradually increase the business needs. read more

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What are the four principles of a good name for a shop

said that although now many shopkeepers have realized the importance of a good name to store up however, how to take a good shop has plagued many shopkeepers. In fact, as long as we follow the four principles, to shop for a good name can be very simple. So, the shop has a good name to pay attention to the four principles?

1, concise and easy to pronounce.


name must be concise, easy to understand and read loud to smooth, easy to pronounce, if signs of uncommon words, it is hard to pronounce, is not easy for visitors to learn. read more

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National innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Heilongjiang, Daqing regional games

now the country to encourage entrepreneurship, have held a series of business competition, and in every business competition among all there will be a lot of good entrepreneurs, but also sponsored many entrepreneurs.

8 month 11-12 day, the national innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Heilongjiang Daqing regional contest preliminaries in Daqing hi tech zone. After two days of fierce competition, decided the enterprise group and the group of the top 10 teams. The 20 teams entered the Daqing regional final. read more

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How to store the rainy season cigarettes

snow rainy weather, not only very inconvenient, affecting the store business. For any one of the shopkeepers, but also worried about the storage of cigarettes, after all, once the cigarette damp, the store may be a big loss. The rainy season, poor storage conditions and some retail businesses, caused by cigarette damp, moldy, taste, deterioration, effects of cigarette smoking taste, causing economic losses, when sold to the customer will affect the business reputation. In this regard, in the daily service, retail businesses to do cigarette storage, you can refer to the following four steps. read more

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Electronic payment to help store operators easier

the development of science and technology, so that our store operators began to have more and more good tools. The recent spread of online mobile phone in the hands of the world argument. A few days ago, the author to the convenience of modern keenly aware of the payment.

after dinner last Sunday, I went for a walk in the park. Return on the road, went to the door of a fruit shop near the village, I saw a big fruit and fresh, want to buy some to take home, but his pockets, who did not take a penny, go home to get money and too. Ready to leave, the young boss saw the author’s mind, said: with a sincere smile "elder sister, as long as you take the mobile phone on the line, can pay by WeChat, Alipay in our shop." read more

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What can be done in a retail store with bad business

business is not good to do now, it is a fact, however, even if the business is not good to do, the same shop business booming. Although the shop is different, the business will not be the same. However, some shops are very close, but you can have such a difference, the natural need for those who do not have good business owners think.

"business is not as good as in previous years" – this is the most recent visit in the market to hear the most words. Indeed, by the domestic macroeconomic downturn, reducing the impact of the project and other factors, the consumer market downturn, presumably as a retail business operators who have a deep feeling. However, in the service of many customers, the difference is very large cigarette business, and even two less than one hundred meters apart, the same area, the store is similar to the store, the profit gap is great. From this difference, the individual thinks that the business is not good retailers can try to think from the following aspects: read more

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Go to Shenzhen to find a new idea to get a small business opportunities

do a small business, to a small broad, earn the first barrel of gold in life. Guangzhou people’s road catering business to do countless shops, although the flow of people, can be competitive, not easy to survive. The owner of the current period of the week with the other people sharing a small road in the middle of the people to reduce the cost of selling, selling affordable sandwich cake. Small investment big harvest, small business successfully operated for more than half a year.

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Taiwan service information and policy guide line on the platform

now has many Taiwan compatriots are very optimistic about the mainland, have come to the mainland investment and business activities, at the same time, in order to help countries and in response to the Taiwan compatriots to the mainland business, set up a series of service platform.

8 month 17 days, guided by the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan China network build Taiwan service information and policy guide for 17 Japanese on-line platform. The platform is designed to provide a policy for the Taiwan compatriots issued and interpretation, advice and answers to the problem of the service platform for Taiwan, Taiwan faq. read more

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Tel Aviv University, srael, China nnovation Center

entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities should not only link with the domestic social market, but also need to communicate with foreign universities to achieve progress and development. Nanjing, through the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship center with Israeli universities, to lay the foundation for the development of open and innovative talent.

11 17, Tel Aviv University, Nanjing entrepreneurship Innovation Center inauguration ceremony held in Nanjing economic and Technological Development zone. This is the first innovation center established in Israel, Tel Aviv University, china. The center aims to further promote exchanges and cooperation between Israel and Nanjing in entrepreneurial innovation, technology transfer and industrialization. In the future, Tel Aviv University will rely on the Nanjing entrepreneurial innovation center located in Nanjing Development Zone, the high-tech building cooperative platform for entrepreneurs docking, as the school’s scientific and technological achievements into the broad market, China industrialization foundation. read more

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What kind of service should be provided to the wonton shop

what kind of service to the customer, the customer can directly affect the quality of consumption in this shop, which determines whether he / she will become a loyal customer, will become, spread word-of-mouth shop so that if you want to successfully open a shop, also need to provide customers with a more high quality service. So, wonton shop should give the customer what kind of service?

for any restaurants, how many customers are directly related to the store business is good or bad, so how to achieve the customer service mind to retain customers is everyone the same pursuit, then as a nationwide popular wonton shop how to provide customers with satisfactory service? Famous wonton to join the chain brand auspicious wonton? With many years of operating experience to share with you. read more

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