Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications has become a practical education innovation and ent

this year, the reform measures of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities have made initial progress, colleges and universities to actively promote the construction of entrepreneurship education system, and strive to improve the entrepreneurial skills and quality of College students. The day before, Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications in Shaanxi province university practical education innovation base, its educational achievements to be sure.

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Huang Lei also began to set up a pioneering nternet business brand yellow kitchen

Chinese people are not afraid of cross business, many people are, such as the entertainment industry, many stars in the act of singing to open up more than personal career. Recently, Huang Lei teacher also engage in entrepreneurship, the establishment of the brand, "Huang Xiaochu".

"good husband", "good father", "high IQ", "fortune son"…… With the ultimate challenge in the image of the resourcefulness of the fire and a Huang Lei, who recently had a label – "entrepreneurs". read more

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How to name a florist

shop after all is different from the general store, it is for the name, or the decoration of shops, there are very strict requirements, so, if you want to successfully open a shop, also need to take a florist shop right. So, how to name the florist? To name the florist or more, but also very simple, as long as it is with some nice and warm words together that is a very good name to the florist named don’t need what name expert, here is the small series for you to give us your shop name.

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Three steps for college students to start their own business

college students will encounter many difficulties, because they are lack of funds, experience and strength, it is easy to fail. So, how should college students do poineering work? Here are the three steps of college students venture, might as well follow Xiaobian look together!

first step:

with entrepreneurial quality, in order to invest:

1, people’s ability, management skills, imagination, eloquence, perseverance, dedication, positive outlook on life.

2, the ability to work independently, the pursuit of profit. read more

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Trend analysis of home improvement products industry

decoration room, all kinds of materials are indispensable, in order to create a more level of home space, people in the selection of home improvement products increasingly high demand. For investors, if you occupy a more important position in this industry, it is necessary to have a better understanding of the industry’s trends, so as to create a more competitive store, to achieve long-term development.

tile size polarization

now, with the degree of specialization of ceramic tile market continues to improve, consumers more diverse selection of tile size, the tile size is polarized development trend. On the one hand, due to the growing number of consumers to pursue the decoration of the "seamless" effect, and the "large block" tiles increasingly popular. From the visual effect, large tiles regardless of color, texture or decoration effect than the traditional brick. On the other hand, the small size of the tiles is more popular than in the past, many people found that the small size of the square tiles can be built out of many changes, suitable for a small area of the wall, visual sense of hierarchy is more obvious than the common size. read more

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