How to deal with the relationship between managers and employees

as a manager, you need to have the appropriate experience and ability, how to become a qualified manager, you can look at the key management of three minutes. How to set goals, staff assessment, said the idea or talk feeling, is always the most love and the most painful charge, especially in recent years, a fresh career (someone called 80 or dubbed Strawberry generation) a higher proportion of the main pipe as management. Also the formation of a new challenge. Even those who have been in charge for many years are always in the contradiction of "interpersonal orientation" and "goal orientation", which are not easy to choose.

tend to play a "human oriented", to "life" of the director, ask subordinates to do something, often push drag response, employees get various deductions performed slowly; conversely, playing a "goal oriented", tend to require "doing things" in life often supervisor. Because of work requirements, let subordinates hate or hate, lose confidence and cause a brain drain. Then in charge of the process, to "both" may have


the first minute: work setting and employee goals

second minutes: the staff to correct the bad performance of

third minutes: the staff appreciates good performance

this key for three minutes, it is the essence of the short, persevere, balance, goal oriented and relationship oriented work target with the results of the assessment, it is complex to tell us how to Jane, "

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