Science takes on question of Sasquatch

first_imgOn one side: A group called the Sasquatch Genome Project says that, using samples from Washington and elsewhere, it has sequenced DNA that proves the existence of the legendary beast.o Sasquatch Genome Project.o Olympic Project.o Sasquatch sightings database (with six from Clark County).o Allegedly leaked peer review comments.On another side: Other scientists are reluctant to accept the group’s conclusions, and think the study was improperly done with sloppy research methods.o Blinded by hope.o Failure to reproduce results.You can doubt the science, but there’s no doubt that people who claim to have seen a Sasquatch feel stigmatized.Olympic Peninsula resident Rich Germeau, who was an officer with the La Push Police Department for 14 years, said he doesn’t blame folks for finding the stories bizarre. His goal is to prove that the creatures are real, he said.“I was in my patrol car on my way to the office in July 2000, and one stepped in front of me,” Germeau said. “I had to put on my brakes. It was kind of a big eye-opener for me. I watched the stories on TV and I thought there was no possible way that could exist.”Germeau kept silent about his sighting until 2008, when a friend convinced him to form the Olympic Project, a Washington group aimed at finding proof of the creatures.last_img

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