Jury says Googles Android does not infringe Oracle patents

first_imgThe Oracle v. Google trial has come to an abrupt end with the jury finding that Google did not infringe on Oracle’s Java patents when it developed Android’s Dalvik virtual machine. Because the majority of the copyright phase of the case also went to Google, the jury won’t even have to stick around to decide on damages. Google is the big winner today, but Oracle is still pledging to “defend and uphold” Java.The final decision in the case was unanimous. The jury found that Google did not infringe on either of Oracle’s Java patents, essentially letting Google off the hook. In a patent case, the party claiming infringement has to prove that the defendant copied the technology or method described in the filing. In this instance, the jury was not convinced that Google’s Java implementation was sufficiently similar to be infringing. In fact, there was only one person on the jury that initially sided with Oracle.The last phase ended with perfunctory reports that Google had lost in some significant way, or that Android was doomed. But when the smoke cleared, everyone realized how lucky Google had gotten. The judge still needs to decide if APIs can be copyrighted, which is the only count Google lost in phase one. If the judge decides they are not, then it becomes much harder for Oracle to continue on.We have also learned that the jury responded very favorably to the fair use argument that saved Google from most of the claims in the copyright phase. The split in that round was 9 to 3 in Google’s favor. Oracle is likely to seek an appeal, but even if it gets another shot, the information coming from jurors makes it clear that Oracle’s arguments were not even close to convincing.Oracle might still end up with some kind of payout in the future, depending on how judge Aslup decides on the remaining issues. There might even need to be another jury to decide on damages later, but right now, Oracle has won essentially nothing.via Groklawlast_img

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