Watch This Vulfpeck “Dean Town” Fan Cover Video Featuring Glass Harp, Tuba, Bassoon, And Bass

first_img[Photo: Brandon Weil] Outside of the band itself, one of the greatest things about the Brooklyn-based funk act Vulfpeck is their ability to inspire and compel fans and music freaks to create their own renditions of their technically complex numbers. However, while we love seeing fans cover their songs tunes using the more traditional instrumentation of guitar, bass, keys, and drums, sometimes the best things in life fall outside that box. Earlier today, Vulfpeck acknowledged this, posting a fan video compilation that showcases four ladies locking down the Joe Dart’s bassline from “Dean Town.”Some High School Student Started A Band Just To Mash Up Vulfpeck & PhishWith a caption noting “pre-web this instrumentation would’ve only happened in a modern art museum,” the video overlays videos of renditions of “Dean Town” on the bass, bassoon, tuba, and glass harp, making for a stellar watch. You can check out the video for yourself below. Enjoy!last_img

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