You can rent a RED Epic camera for 1600 a day

first_imgIf you’ve been following the video camera market for the past few years then you’ve almost certainly heard of the RED Epic camera. The Epic handles both digital video and still images and is one of the most respected cameras in the business. Unfortunately this kind of quality costs a pretty penny, or, more accurately, 5.8 million pretty pennies. Yep, the RED Epic-M package — complete with the Epic-M brain, Bomb EVF, 5-inch LCD, and more — sells for $58,000.Of course, you don’t necessarily need to buy the RED Epic to get your hands on it, you can always rent. Borrow Lenses, purveyors of all sorts of fine camera equipment, are offering up the Epic-M kit at $1600 a day. Or you can rent it out for up to a month for $17500, if you have an extended project that needs to be tackled.Speaking of projects, check out the video below. That’s the sort of thing the Epic is capable of, which is to say “extremely impressive”. Of course you won’t be able to shoot video just because you laid out the cash to rent the kit, but you can’t exactly shoot video like that without it either.The Epic-M shoots video at up to 5K resolution, with high speeds shooting ranging up to 200 fps at 2K or 150 fps at 5K. The rental package for this impressive rig doesn’t just include the camera body and the odd lens, you also get gear like a 1.8-inch 128GB SSD storage device and a proprietary camera remote, plus you get a case to put it all in. Ultimately it’s a lot of money, but you get some very cool toys to play with.Borrow Lenses also has a number of compatible lenses you can rent to use with the Epic kit. Any of the PL mount Zeiss lenses they have in stock should work, such as the Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 25mm cinema lens. And some good news: these go for only $99 a day.More at Borrow Lenseslast_img read more

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