Man flies with loaded gun in carryon laptop bag airport security missed

first_imgIn order to prevent further events such as 9/11, someone walking on to a plane with bombs in their shoes, or smuggling weapons on to an aircraft, stringent airport security checks have been imposed across the U.S. and at many international airports. One of the most controversial checks recently introduced is the full-body scanner, meant to identify any weapons or bomb parts hidden under clothing.While these checks are meant to identify any threats, as well as making us feel safer, it has been shown that they aren’t working.Farid Seif, a businessman from Houston, regularly carries around a loaded .40 caliber glock with him for protection. But when he was set to travel from Bush Intercontinental Airport last Christmas he forgot to remove the gun from his carry-on laptop bag. You’d expect the airport security screeners to pick this up, but they didn’t, and Farid flew with the loaded gun in his bag at his feet.When he got to his destination Farid realized the gun was in his bag and reported it to the airport. He couldn’t believe it was missed as it was the only thing in the bag. Federal authorities have also stated that this is quite a common occurrence, and that the main cause seems to be human error with screeners simply missing the weapon as it slides by on their display. In fact, up to 70% of tests done at certain airports failed to identify such items.Read more at ABC13.comMatthew’s OpinionYou have to wonder what the point of all these checks are when a security operative not paying attention can miss something so obvious as a gun in a laptop bag. What this screams to me is that the screeners are either not being trained correctly, or the way in which they work is not effective.Staring at a display for a few hours is going to become tedious and you will miss things. I don’t know how the TSA manages switching staff, but hopefully you have a number of screeners that switch every 30 minutes or hourly to stop fatigue setting in. There may also be a need for a second screener watching the work of the first as an added backup.This also highlights a need for more advanced scanning equipment which allows a system to identify suspect shapes and alert the operative to them. An alarm or flashing on-screen highlight would surely wake a person up and get them to check more thoroughly.last_img read more

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