L’Esportiu: Barça forced to abandon the signing of Neymar

first_imgThey believe that the Argentine forward of Inter de Milan is a priority, since the player of the PSG He has too high a salary and it will be difficult for the Catalan club to deal with it if his income falls too low, something that will surely happen due to the coronavirus pandemic: “If we have to significantly reduce the salary mass of the first team, how do you want Neymar to come, a player who charges more than 30 million euros net per season? Impossible.” 10 The newspaper L’Esportiu collects the words of a senior manager of the Barcelona on the possibility of hiring Neymar when the transfer market opens, something he considers unfeasible: “Obviously we would like to sign Neymar, but you have to be realistic and that he can return this summer is practically impossible. I would bet more on the signing of Lautaro than on the return of Neymar. That Neymar returns seems like a utopia.” 10 If it was estimated that Barcelona could achieve annual revenues of more than a billion euros, now the figure, according to the Catalan newspaper, is estimated to range between 600 and 800 million euros, which will force to reduce the salary mass of the staff. That is another reason why Lautaro is more affordable, since Inter is willing to listen to offers that include player exchanges to make the operation cheaper.last_img read more

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