Moroccan Critic Said Yaktin Wins Sheikh Zayed Award in Arts

Abu Dhabi – Moroccan critic Said Yaktin has won the Sheikh Zayed Award in the category of “arts and critical studies”‘, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award Foundation announced Wednesday in a statement.The award, which celebrates this year its tenth anniversary, was awarded to the Moroccan intellectual for his book “the Arab literary thought: structures and formats”, published in 2014 by Difaf in Beirut, Dar Al Amane in Rabat and Al Ikhtilaf in Algeria.According to the Foundation, this book analyzes the concept of the Arabic literary thought within an approach involving arthroscopy and application. This literary work is characterized by the precision and commitment of the author in the treatment and analysis of the subject, in addition to the academic rigor and diversity of references in Arabic, French and English, and the excellence of their exploitation on many levels, as well as the richness of the approach used by the author for the critical treatment of his subject. OR.With MAP read more

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