In Pictures Moroccos Askaoun Under Snow

Taroudant – Light to heavy rain hit several parts of Morocco this week but Askaoun, a small mountainous village at the foot of the Atlas Mountain chain, was hit by heavy snowfall leaving the village, with its typical picturesque winter image, under a blanket of snow.Perched on the low range of the High Atlas Mountain in Morocco, the village of Askaoun, more than 2,000 meters above sea level, and about 280 kilometers far from Marrakech, was cut off the rest of the world after about 25 to 30 cm snowfall.The beauty of the snow, which covered trees, mountains and houses, stunned the villagers, who rushed to snap a couple of picturesque shots of the snowed village. Photo credit: Rachid El Hiyani and Hassan Erraji read more

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