ZAGREB HAMBURG… French ladies at the TOP of the world

French handball ladies ← Previous Story Stine Oftedal, MVP of #SimplyWunderbar! Next Story → GERMANY 2017 – Final placement: Europeans with small threats from Asia French girls are again at the TOP of the world. Olivier Krumbholz led his country to the second major success in the history after legendary final in Zagreb 2003. The French ladies beat Norway 23:21 (11:10) at the final of the Women’s World Championship 2017 to repeat success of their male colleagues from Paris last January…Norway – France 21-23 (10-11)Norway: Veronica Kristiansen 7, Nora Mørk 7, Heidi Loke 3, Kari Brattset 2, Stine Oftedal 1, Sanna Solberg 1France: Allison Pineau 4, Manon Houette 4, Laurisa Landre 3, Estelle Nze Minko 3, Camille Ayglon Saurina 2, Orlane Kanor 2, Alexandra Lacrabere 2, Kalidiatou Niakate 1, Siraba Denbele 1, Laura Flippes 1 read more

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