Press sec denies Horwath resignation rumours

A tweet from a prominent journalist Tuesday afternoon lead to speculation that NDP leader Andrea Horwath was planning to announce her resignation Wedensday morning. Rumour had it she would make a run for the job of Hamilton mayor. Her press secretary says the story is baseless.It all began with one simple tweet, but it was a tweet from a well-known media personality who has more than 53,000 followers on Twitter. Steve Paikin, who is from Hamilton and the host of TVO’s current affairs show “The Agenda” tweeted out, “Rumours are rampant that Andrea Horwath is going to announce her resignation tomorrow. If she does, I bet she runs for mayor of Hamilton.”This tweet was then shared by 133 people to their own Twitter followers. Within hours, there were reports on numerous media outlets of this speculative tweet. Horwath’s press secretary Marion Nader reached out to CHCH to address it, saying the rumours are completely baseless.“Andrea is absolutely not resigning tomorrow. She’s looking forward to getting back to work at the legislature, doing the job of holding this government accountable. Making sure people’s voices are heard at queen’s park. Unfortunately this was just a tweet about a rumour. There is no truth to it whatsoever,” she said.Horwath will be speaking at a news conference tomorrow morning at Queen’s Park. NDP officials say it is to talk about how New Democrats are looking forward to getting back to work in the legislature. read more

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